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Personal Training

Personal training is a one-to-one session with one of our highly qualified personal trainers. Sessions are individually planned to meet your specific needs and work towards your specific goals. Your trainer will take you through a series of exercises and drills that will be take you steps closer to achieving your goal.

You will be working with one of our experienced and seriously motivating Personal Trainers, who will work on the four fundamentals of wellbeing with you. These are Exercise, Diet, Lifestyle and Mental Attitude! These four areas will come together to give you some amazing results in a short period of time!

Your specialist personal trainer will bring all the equipment needed for the session, and all the space you need is enough room to lie on the floor with your hands out to your sides. Your trainer will train you anywhere (home, gym, park, garden, work, etc…) and at a time that fits with your schedule, we operate 24/7 to suit your specific requirements.

Post session feedback is welcomed to help your personal trainer design the perfect session for you. Your trainer will set you tasks to be completed between sessions to help you get to your goal that bit faster (if requested)!

Every session is different and individually planned to meet your specific needs, helping you to get to your goals in a FAST and safe manner. All of our personal trainers are experts in motivational techniques to keep you going throughout your time training with us.

The only way to truly understand how unique it is to work with a Foresight Specialist Personal Trainer is to try it! So why not book in for a no commitment FREE taster session? Just simply fill in the form below for a call back or call us now on 0161 610 0354.

Session price includes:-

  • Pre-session planning (done by your Personal Trainer)
  • A 60 minute workout tailored to your specific needs

All clients receive the following:-

  • ‘7 Days to a Healthier You’ e-mail action steps (a daily e-mail with action points for that day allowing you to make lasting changes)
  • A Foresight Success Strategy (e-book)
  • Access to our on-line family of services (Daily client only motivational Twitter’s, our e-ask the trainer service, Facebook group and regular newsletters).

Pay as you Go £40 per session
Block of 5 sessions £185 (Only £37 per session)

Block of 10 sessions £350 (Only £35 per session)
Block of 15 sessions £510 (Only £34 per session)
Block of 20 sessions £660 (Only £33 per session)
Block of 25 sessions £800 (Only £32 per session)

(Senior Personal Trainers available at a small additional cost, our senior personal trainers / Tom Godwin (Head Personal Trainer) are at the top of thier game, and his means better RESULTS for you, contact us for more details)

Why not book your FREE Taster session now by calling us on 0161 610 0354, or fill in your details below for a call back/more information.