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Nutritional Advice

This session is conducted with one of our expert nutritional advisors, and aims to provide you with the information you need to control all aspects of your diet, and most importantly give you the skills to make the right choices for you.

We do not advocate any one specific type of diet instead we look to help you make lasting dietary changes via improved education and therefore improved nutritional choices.

A Foresight Nutritional Therapist will generally not give you a traditional rigid diet to stick to, as we feel that modern life adds so much pressure on you that these type of diets are nearly impossible to stick to for most people (apart from some specific cases), we look at developing long term behavioral changes.

What we do is provide you with the guidelines and information to make the right dietary choices for yourself using our unique Foresight Nutritional Choices Framework. Our Therapists are highly qualified and experienced in working with people with a variety of dietary and nutritional needs.

People often forget the power that nutrition has to play in weight loss/human performance. This session will help you to eat the right things, at the right time, in the right amounts! Most importantly helping you to improve your health, control your weight, be more mentally alert, and much more.

This session is a true consultation where we will look at what you are eating now, and positive changes that we can make to help you move closer to your goals. The session is guided by your nutritional advisor but is for you, so any and all questions are welcome and answered!

Session price includes:-

  • Pre session Questionnaire (via e-mail or post)
  • Education and improvement based Nutritional Advice Session (1 ½ hours)
  • Post Session Report
  • ‘7 Days to Eat Better’ e-mail action steps (a daily e-mail with action points for that day allowing you to make lasting changes)
  • ‘The Foresight Eat Better Success Strategy’ (e-book)
  • Access to our on-line family of services (Daily client only motivational Twitter’s, our e-ask the trainer service, Facebook group and regular newsletters).

Cost:- £100 per session (1 ½ hour session)

Cost Saving Idea:- If you want personal training as well why not look at some of our Personal Training Packages?

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