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Instructor Code of Ethics

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A. Competence

  • A.1. Instructors must confine themselves to areas/activities they have received full training in.
  • A.2. Instructors must be fully insured for all areas/activities they are responsible for.
  • A.3. Instructors must ensure they hold a valid first aid certificate at all times.
  • A.4. Instructors should endeavour to develop their knowledge and ensure all advise given is as up to date as possible.

B. Safety

  • B.1. Instructors must ensure the safety of all clients under their responsibility as far as is reasonably possible.
  • B.2. All clients should be made aware of their own responsibilities in terms of their own safety.
  • B.3. All activities should be suitable for the clients they are aimed at.
  • B.4. All reasonable steps should be taken to ensure a safe working environment.
  • B.5. All activities should be conducted in a manner which is in keeping with accepted and approved standards within exercise and fitness.
  • B.6. First aid kits should be readily available during all activities.
  • B.7. All equipment should be regularly checked for safety.

C. Instructors Personal Standards

  • C.1. All instructors must be seen as a positive role model, in terms of personal health, fitness and personal qualities.
  • C.2. All instructors must display high personal standards as regard their appearance.
  • C.3. Appropriate uniform must be worn by all instructors while on duty.
  • C.4. Instructors must not engage in any activity/behaviour which may adversely effect other instructors, participants, clients, members or the running/reputation of Foresight Martial Arts and Fitness.

D. Confidentiality

  • D.1. All personal information given by client should be treated as highly confidential, and under no circumstances repeated to any third party without express permission from the client.
  • D.2. Instructors should take reasonable steps to protect any confidential written information regarding clients.

E. Integrity

  • E.1. The instructor must never advocate the use of any prescribed drugs or banned substances.
  • E.2. The instructor should never publicly criticise colleagues.
  • E.3. Any referrals made by Instructors should be made in the best interests of the clients.
  • E.4. All advertising must reflect a true and accurate picture of the instructors experience and qualifications.

F. Co-operation

  • F.1. Instructors must co-operate with other instructors, clubs, and allied professions in the interests of their clients.
  • F.2. Instructors must co-operate with any medical or related body in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a participants condition.

G. Relationships

  • G.1. The instructor is responsible for setting and monitoring the boundaries between a working relationship and personal friendship with their clients.
  • G.2. The instructor should aim to build a professional, trusting and supportive relationship with all clients.
  • G.3. Clients must be made to understand they have final say in all decisions.
  • G.4. Each client should be seen as an individual and they should be made to feel that their individuality is respected by the instructor.

H. Quality of Service

  • H.1. Instructors must give the highest quality service they can on all occasions.
  • H.2. All classes/seminars/sessions must be planned to give the client the most from the time they have booked.
  • H.3. The instructor should design classes/sessions/seminars to meet the clients needs, goals and personal fitness levels.
  • H.4. All services should be provided as agreed in any written quote from the chief instructor or as appears on any official price list/session description.
  • H.5. Any cancelled sessions should be re-booked within 24 hours.
  • H.6. All participants/clients have the right to a clean, safe and supportive environment. It is the instructors responsibility to provide this.

I. Equal Opportunities

  • I.1. Instructors must ensure that there is not prejudice against disabilities, social background, race, sex, age, or sexuality in any session/class/seminar run by Foresight Martial Arts and Fitness.