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Welcome to the Foresight Personal Training On-line PT!

This is a brand new service from us, that will allow you to use one of our highly experianced On-line Personal Trainers, wherever you are in the world and whatever your fitness goals are!

So how does On-line Personal Training work?

On-line personal training gives you all the perks of having a personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost.

Your on-line personal trainer will:-

  • Design specific training programs for your goals
  • Design you a diet plan for your goals
  • Help you keep track of losses and improvements
  • Keep you motivated with regular e-mails
  • A real life dedicated trainer who will answer your questions and motivate you!
  • Skype consultations
  • Get you RESULTS!

What does On-line personal training look like inside?

The software we are using to provide this service really is top of the range, here are some screen shots of what it looks like on the inside!

Analyse your body composition, easily.

Set CV workout routine, using the facilities you have available (if any)

Personalized nutrition plan

Workout cards, using the equipment and facilities you have available.

Special web app, you can use in your smart phone to keep track for diet/workouts.


What are the costs involved?

This service is amazing value when you consider that you are getting the same level of personal training and nutritional knowladge as if you actually were face to face with your trainer, which would set you back about £280 per month!!

So what do we charge?

We charge you an initial set up fee of £35 (including first month), this included a 30 minute (optional) Skype consultation where your trainer will get you set up and then give you some initial starting points!

After that the service will cost you only £14.99 per month! That is less than £3.75 per week for a personal trainer!

We also have amazing deals on 12 month memberships, starting from less than £100 per year, please ask for more details!

How can I start?

The easy way to start is to fill in your details below and from there one of the on-line personal training team will be in contact, to guide you through the process.

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