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What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Hi All,

As some of you may be aware, especially some of my personal traoning clients, I have become very interetsed in the work of Reed Davies (sparked by Sean, ofcourse).  Reed has developed a system called Functional DIagnostic Nutrition, a course that i am litterally gagging to do!

I thought I would outline some of the key points of how Functional Diagnostic Nutriton works, what it can do for you and the many health benefits it can offer.

FDN does not however deal with, treating illnesses, treating symptoms and diagnosing diseases.

FDN is all about establishing health from the foundation, normalising bodily systems and strengthening the four pillars of health. This is all done by a practitioner who is experianced in looking at the hormonal, immune, digestive and detoxification systems of the body.  The unique factor about the functional diagnostic nutrition approach is that it uses a great deal of detective work to get to the root causes of a condition.  This is done through the taking of an extensive client history and also the use of laboratory testing.  This is a key element to allow the FDN practitioner to find the underlying causes of a variety of diseases.

FDN can help with a number of conditions but some of the key ones are detailsed below:-

  • Weight And Fat Distribution
  • Mucosal Surface Integrity (1st Line Immune Defence)
  • Insulin Levels
  • Thyroid Function
  • Ovarian Hormone Levels
  • Memory and Learning
  • Neuronal Connectivity
  • Quality Of Sleep
  • Mood
  • Muscle Integrity
  • Protein Turnover
  • Bone Turnover
  • Connective Tissue Turnover
  • Cell Energetics
  • Glucose Homeostasis
  • Inflammatory Status
  • Immune Regulation
  • Heavy Metal Endo Chelation
  • Mixed Function Oxidase Modulation

Part of the FDN system is to look at the bodies stress hormones and how the body reponds andreacts to those, these hormones play a crutial role in some of the conditions listed above.  Overuse can also lead to Adrenal Fatigue SYndrome.  Look out for a blog post on this over the comming weeks!

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition is an amazing system and can help a wide variety of people, to find out more have a look at the site or our interview with founder Reed Davies.

Foresight Persona Training Will be offering a range of FDN services across Manchester, Sockport and Cheshire in the next 12 months so if you would like to go on our already established waiting list please fill in the form below.


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