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European Code Against Cancer

Hi All,

I thought I would post this interesting pointer of the main factors that are all under your contarol that can be considered and put into your daily life to reduce your cancer risk.

It is all about minimising teh risks that you can control, everytime you reduce a risk you reduce your cancer risk too!

My advice is learn and live by this code, it is nothing unusal or even hard!  Just well worth while.

1. Do not Smoke

2. Avoid Obesity

3. Do 30 mins of moderate intensity physical activity a day

4. Eat a healthy, balanced diet

5. Drink a maximum of 2 alcoholic drinks per day

6. Aviod excessive sun exposure

7. Avoid contact with known cancer causing substances

8. Participate in screening initutives

Over the next few weeks i will be picking out a few of these points to talk about in more detail, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog for more info!

Any questions just ask.


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