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Who is Tom Godwin (Part Two)?

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Hi All,

After qualifying I did the usual and worked part time for a number of gyms in Manchester and Cheshire in a range of positions from Personal Trainer, to Gym Manager. At this time I also decided that it was probably a good move to go to uni too, as I loved Personal Training so much I was sure it could not last as a career, who ever has a job they love?  How wrong could I have been?

I decided as a back up to do a BA (Hons) Business Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, the course was aimed at those who wished to start and run their own businesses. This course seemed an idea complement to my Personal Training. The course was great fun, and once again I landed on my feet and had some great tutors who never minded me molding questions to make them more relevant to the fitness industry. The course helped me to realise exactly how much business knowledge and skill you need to run a successful company. This course has been a constant help to me over the years, and has more than paid for itself.

While studying I continued working at a gym and also started seeing a few private clients, this helped me to keep my hand in with all the fitness stuff. I found that my degree actually helped me a great deal in how I dealt with and managed the relationships with my Personal Training clients. With me covering areas such as marketing, accountancy, operations, etc… I was able to build up a great business plan for how to take my business to the next level, and then more to the point make it work!

Slowly over the years the business grew and I gained more and more clients, within a year of leaving university freelance personal training was my full time job. I was able to then use the business skill gained at university, coupled with my practical skills to launch the business, and gain a number of clients very quickly.

I established Foresight Fitness Services formally and looked at ways that I could make my services open to a wider segment of the community. I set out with the goal that Foresight Personal Training should look to offer a leading range and quality of personal wellbeing services at an affordable price. But will leave it there before this turns into a sales pitch! IF you would like to see more about what we offer and info about how we work, have a look at the website.  All you would liek to know is on there and if you have any questions do please just drop us a line!

Since qualifying from the Premier Diploma I have ensured that I continue with improving my knowledge base and I have added qualifications to my list from NCF, Premier, and YMCA. I feel that this is vital to being a successful personal trainer, in this industry ideas, theories and methods of best practice are constantly changing, and it is vital that you stay ahead of the game. Also it would be impossible to know it all so by constantly adding to your knowledge base you can become the best possible trainer you can be!

I am also always looking for new ways to take my wellbeing message to new audenaces, all in all I love the industry I am in and feel that I am here to help as may people as possible to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

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