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Don’t Buy This Man a Pint

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


Hi all,

I have recently become involved in a great project that Mark Bowness is has set himself, he is giving up alcohol for a year.  During this time he is looking to improve himself both in body, mind and spirit.  Want to know more have a look here.

He is also doing the very brave thing of telling everyone about his mission and also blogging about it at  He is not only doing this but he is using the media interest to get people involved in SOS Children’s Village, a charity that sponsors villages in poorer regions of the world.  He has pledged to use £20 of the money he would have spent on alcohol in a month to put towards this charity.  Why not do the same? We have decided to give him some support, in terms of his fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.  Stay tuned both here and on Mark’s blog for more info of what we will be doing.

Here is what i have had to say about this great project:

Mark talked to us at Foresight Personal Training a few weeks ago and explained that his mission for the year is to give up alcohol and go on a journey of self discovery.  This journey will take him through improvements in both body and mind, when we first heard about this we though ‘wow what a brave bloke’, not only is he embarking on this epic goal, but he is documenting and publicising it for the world to see. 
We are so happy to be involved in this exciting project and hope that this helps Mark to live a happier, healthier and most importantly longer life.  We look forward to supporting Mark in every way we possibly can and hope his tale acts as inspiration to those who follow his story to make small, lasting changes to their lifestyle in order to reap the massive rewards of improved health. 
Mark is not only making a massive change in his own life but by his support and fund raising for SOS Children’s Villages, he is also making a massive change in so many others lives across the world.  This is a great cause and we do encourage you to support them!
We would like to thanks Mark for the opportunity to be involved in this great project and we hope that our advice, that will be made freely available on by the blog and on our blog ( will lead to improvements in health in the wider community.
TOM Godwin
Managing Director
Foresight Fitness Services