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PTontheNet Review

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


At last the new and improved website has been launched, having been a user of the site for the past three years or so I have been very happy with the high standard of content that the site has always carried. However I have been long awaiting some more interactive features, and these are finally here!!

In this short review I am going to look at some of the new features and also some of the old, and detail what makes the number one resource for personal trainers, therapists or anyone who is involved in the fitness industry across the world.

The new site has a slick new look, that is much more user friendly. The site is easy to navigate with different sections clearly labelled and information is easy to find. With three core section headings being used, Prepare, Learn, and Research. The site also has a much more planned feel than the old one, that seemed to have grown beyond it’s original structure.

The site still has a strong ethos of learning, and self improvement and the research section shows this. With the articles that it carries always being of high quality and packed full of applicable information, that can be of daily use to a personal trainer. PTontheNet have many of the industry leaders on their list of active authors, with greats such as Paul Chek, JC Santana, Gray Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove, Gary Gray, to name just a few. Regular updates of new articles each month keep the site fresh and alive, to add to the existing thousands already on line. The authors also make available short Q+A style articles on current hot topics, audio clinics and symposiums. All in all making depth and quality of content offered by PTontheNet second to none.

The learn section of the site allows users to complete free CEC’s or CPD’s (for all those here in the UK note that these attract REP’s points), that are challenging but allow you to develop a range of useful and most importantly applicable skills. The section also has links to high quality learning opportunities with some of the worlds leading trainers and training providers, and best of all you get a PTontheNet discount with most of them.

The Prepare section can be very useful to the novice right through to the advanced trainer. This part of the site hosts the PTontheNet’s very detailed and vast exercise and flexibility library. Each exercise is described, with safety issues and personal trainer ques, and is accompanied by a video of it’s performance. This section also includes some very useful pre-designed programs for a number of sports and client goals, this is great if you are looking for something quick to hand out to a client. The site also has the ability for you to select the exercises on-line and create a program for yourself or your clients.

The new community section has a blog and a forum which is one of the additions that I have been long awaiting. It is a great feature that allows personal trainers from across the world to interact and discuss current issues within our industry. As the forum is quiet new we will have to wait and see how effectively it is used as a resource, but I am sure with the ethos of PTontheNet, it will be inundated within a matter of weeks.

Overall, the site has done that rare thing and made the best, better. The re-structure of the site has taken PTontheNet into the future, and from an appreciative personal trainer I hope it goes from strength to strength!

Tom Godwin is a Personal Trainer working in Manchester, he has been working in the fitness industry for the last 10+ years. He is also the Managing Director of Foresight Fitness Services and Foresight Personal Training. Tom has been a member of PTontheNet for the past 4 years.