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Review: SmartShaker

Friday, November 15th, 2013

I have been lusting after a SmartShaker for a good long while, it is one of those things that when you look at the you think ‘that is a cool idea’.  The guys over at Smart Shaker UK sent me a lovely one from their Neon range!  It has become one of those shakers that I actually care about, making sure I do not lose it!  In fact SmartShaker is probably one shaker of choice to be used on a daily basis!

SmartShaker Review

For those of you that are still in the dark ages and have not seen a SmartShaker the idea is a simple one and addresses a problem many supplement users face on a regular basis.  What happens if I want to carry enough protein to have more than one shake or I have tabs that I take?  The usual solution is to throw into your kit bag a collection of tupperware tubs containing your powders and tabs, those as we all know inevitably split open and cover everything in powder!  Well SmartShaker came up with a much simpler solution to the problem and they attached to the bottom of the shaker two screw on compartments that allow you to store whatever you wish.

The tubs that screw onto the bottom of the shaker are secure and hold a couple of shakes worth.  This compact design makes it much easier to transport and have on you all the supplements you need.



Review: ProMixx Protein Shaker

Friday, September 13th, 2013

ProMixx Protein Shaker


After hearing a few great reviews from guys around the gym, I decided to get hold of a ProMixx Protein Shaker. For any of you that have not heard of a ProMixx it is called a Vortex Mixer and to put it simply it creates a hurricane within your shaker. You might be thinking what is the purpose of that then? Well it is all about getting a super well mixed and most of all smooth protein shake (or any kind of shake for that matter). One of the biggest claims that the shaker has is that it maintains the integrity of the protein, by creating a vortex there is a much more gentle mixing process as opposed to using a conventional blender. This gentler process aims to maintain the integrity of the protein.

I have been using my ProMixx for a number of weeks now and must say I have found it awesome. I have used it on average a couple of times a day over that time and this is what I observed.

So lets start by looking at it based on some of the key features of the ProMixx Shaker. First off and to me the second most important feature of a protein shaker right behind being a good mixer, is the fact that it does not leak! I had the ProMixx in and out of my gym bag, car and threw it all over the place and it still held all the contents firm, so no messy gym bags to clean up for me! It is going against the fashion for these very small shaker pots and holds 650ml of liquid, allowing you to get a good sized shake into it.

Now onto the unique thing about this protein shaker, it has a little motor that you attach to the bottom of the shaker that makes a blade within the shaker rotate at 110,000 rpm to create the vortex. The motor runs off two AAA batteries and is small and light, meaning it is not a clunky and awkward addition to a shaker. I found that by putting the water into the shaker first then once the motor has been switched on gently pouring my chosen protein powder into the shaker I got the best results. I found the shake was unbelievably smooth, and easy to make. Best bit of all the whole unit comes apart to make cleaning super easy and avoiding that stale protein shake smell.

All in all I found the ProMixx to be an amazing addition to my shaker collection, it fulfils all the promises it makes on the box and delivers a smooth shake! What else could you want from a shaker?