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Review: Multipower Fit Protein Lite

Friday, September 20th, 2013


I recently got sent some of the brand new Multipower Fit Protein Lite pre made shakes, in my favourite flavour…Strawberry! Thanks guys at Multipower! I tried slipping them into my post workout nutrition routine, and asI have never really used pre-mixed shakes before… it was a first for me.

I used them over a few days… as did the wife and we both really enjoyed them. The Lite versions kept my calorie intake down with a good 80% less carbohydrate compared to the regular Multipower product, but with a good 40g of protein. The shake is Gluten-free, Aspartame-free and Lactose free.

The good levels of protein in each shake mean they packed in that much needed post workout protein, which aided recovery and promoted the growth of lean tissue. The product itself comes pre-mixed, which does make it much easier and tends to give a smoother shake. It also has the added benefit of no shakers to wash, which on those low time days can be a massive benefit of the pre-mixed stuff!

This is another great product from Multipower and I think it would make a great addition to anyones nutritional intake!

Review: Multipower Re-Charge

Friday, September 6th, 2013


As many of you know the guys at Multipower are often sending me products to review and comment on. Recently they sent me a tub of their Re-Charge product. So as usual I have tried it on myself first and then got some of my clients to give it a try and give me some feedback.

Re-charge is designed to be used post-workout as a recovery drink. This is designed to be used instead of a shake (with a shake being a more like a milkshake) this is more of a juice type consistency. Making it a good alternative for those who do not like the shake type products.

The product is easy to mix in a shaker and each 45g serving creates a 500ml post workout drink that has a nice smooth consistency, without those sandy bits!

It contains a good 4:1 mix of Carbohydrate to protein, giving you the optimal chance to make some good gains and best of all recover fast! It also contains a good serving of L-Glutamine to really boost our recovery.

These drinks are not always my thing and it would take a lot to tempt me away from my shake based products but a number of my clients who are used to using the energy based drinks found this product much more palatable compared to shakes. So Re-charge is definitely a product I would have in my nutrition armoury!