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Anthony Peters Interview

Monday, October 12th, 2009


Anthony Peters is the brain behind the Wise Monkey system that helps personal trainers, and a variety of fitness professionals to use the great powers of NLP to allow their clients to get the very most from their time with their trainer. In this interview Anthony explains his system and how it can help clients and personal trainers alike.


Tom Godwin: May I first of all thank you for giving up time in your busy day to take part in this interview.

TG:  Let’s start from the beginning, what is your history within he world of health, wellbeing and NLP?

AP: I started in the fitness industry as a gym instructor many moons ago when I first left secondary school. At that young age I wanted to know everything so I attended as many courses as I could afford.

In 1999, I started personal training in London alongside some very knowledgeable personal trainers and learnt a lot from them. I realised that I needed to specialise my own skills and as a result I focused on the more clinical side of health and fitness training. I.e. GP referrals and working with clients who had health issues. After a few years in London I moved to Gloucestershire to work for the NHS Cardiac Rehabilitation team as an Exercise Specialist and eventually began working for the NHS Primary Care Trust in the Public Health Directorate.

In 2007, I set up, and now run Wise Monkey Training courses that teach personal trainers the art of NLP.

TG:  For anyone out there who has not heard of it, can you give us a short introduction to what NLP is.

AP: Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is notoriously hard to define in a few words so here goes….

NLP was started in the 1970’s by two psychology students called Richard Bandler and John Grindler. They studied a range of professionals who were exceptional in areas of behaviour change, relationships, business, negotiation etc. They studied and modelled how these people thought, behaved, how they communicated, how they worked, what their techniques were and generally studied the underlying psychology that made these people so successful. They then set about creating techniques that allowed a person to replicate their excellence through neurology (i.e. ‘neuro’), language (i.e. linguistics) and programming (i.e. the systems and techniques used). This is why NLP is sometimes defined as: “The psychological study of excellence and how to replicate it”

Basically, NLP is a set of techniques that help to take individuals from the ‘effect side of life’ where they are restricted due to their own psychological barriers (E.g. Self-doubt), and move them over to the ‘cause side of life’ where they are 100% in control of their actions and free from any beliefs that previously held them back. It’s very clever and effective stuff.

TG:  Tell us a little about how the Wise Monkey concept came about.

AP: The Wise Monkey Training concept came about through my work with the cardiac rehab team. As part of this role I worked alongside clinical psychologists who were instrumental in getting the patients to make positive lifestyle behaviour changes such as taking part in regular physical activity. It was then that I realised that all behaviour starts with psychology and that simply telling, instructing and showing people how to exercise was not necessarily enough for them to actually do it. I realised that without the right mindset a client is unlikely to reach their health and fitness goals or keep their routine going.

I was so intrigued by this that I chose to investigated how a cardiac patients beliefs can prevent them from taking part in physical activity, even if they know that inactivity will significantly increasing their risk of future health problems and even death. This study was the basis of my masters’ dissertation and the results further highlighted the huge role psychology plays in getting people to adhere to lifestyle changes.

I then looked for the most effective, fast and practical methods to help create a positive mindset in my Pt clients and that’s how I came across NLP. Within a couple more years of hard graft and study I became a certified master practitioner of NLP.

During this time I was constantly practicing NLP techniques on my Pt clients, refining and choosing the ones that worked best and were of most practical use within the context of personal training. Eventually I had a comprehensive set of techniques that were very effective, useful and practical and this is what is taught on the Wise Monkey Training courses.

TG:  What benefits would a client get from training with a Personal Trainer who has experience of NLP?

AP: The beauty of the Wise Monkey Training techniques is that most of them can be use without the client even knowing, that’s the true beauty of it! All the client will know is that they are enjoying their training, feeling motivated and seeing great results.

However, it’s very important to understand that NLP is something you do WITH a client and not something you do TO them. A Wise Monkey Trainer can’t make someone who has no intension to exercise become a fanatic, yet a Wise monkey Trainer does have the skills to help give those clients that want to get fitter, healthier and stronger by helping them get the right mindset. Wise Monkey Trainers are able to empower clients.

TG:  What are the benefits to a personal trainer if they become Wise Monkey (NLP) trained?

AP: The Wise Monkey Training courses have been endorsed by REPS and is recognised by SkillActive so a personal trainer can gain those all-important REPS CPD points.

By advertising themselves as a Wise Monkey Trainer, the Pt is showing that they have more than just physical training to offer and will have a very positive reputation because they are known, and seen, to get results from their clients. This shouldn’t be underestimated because word-of-mouth accounts for 75% of advertising!

A Wise Monkey Trainer will have skills that their competitors wont have and this is a unique selling point and should quite rightly reflect in the increased hourly rate a Wise Monkey Trainer can charge. Income is also increased through the NLP sales techniques learnt, making all enquiry calls and promotional material far more effective at gaining more clients.

A Wise Monkey Trainer has the opportunity to have their full profile posted on the Wise Monkey Training website which increases business through direct and indirect referrals.

As a Wise Monkey Trainer myself, I found that, all-bar-one of my clients continued to train with me even after they had reached their goals. I have a solid base of long-term clients who no longer need to train with me but they want to.  Lets be honest, even the most dynamic Pt can find training some clients slightly dull but a Wise Monkey Trainer will never be bored within a training session. Because of their linguistic and behaviour change skills, every conversation with a client can be used to help develop a client even further. Being a Wise Money Trainer is interesting and fun for the trainer too.

I could go on and in essence, a Wise Monkey Trainer is an elite trainer who is able to train a clients body and mind whilst also maximising their business and earning potential.

TG:  How important do you think the body, mind link is, and why.

AP: It’s hugely important. The mind and body are synonymous with regards to lifestyle and behaviour. If a clients mindset is not inline with their physical actions then they will not achieve the results they want or certainly not maintain them.  What’s more, this imbalance between what they want (the mind) and what they actually do (the body) causes internal conflict and the client feels unsettled and even unhappy.

I’m sure all personal trainers who have been in the game long enough have heard clients say they want one thing but then do the opposite. For example: “I want to lose weight but I love chocolate and takeaways too much”, “I want to be able to be fit but I can’t keep the motivation up to exercise” or “I want to get toned but I don’t do weights because it’ll make me big”.

This type of conflict between what a client wants and what they actually do is the internal conflict and causes disharmony within them and they say: “I just can’t do it”, or  “I’m not the exercising type” or, “I’ve tried but it’s not working”. Wherever the mind goes the body will follow and so getting a clients mind aligned with their actions and beliefs is the key to a truly successful personal trainer. A Wise Monkey Trainer has the skills to do this.

TG:  What do you feel has been the high point of your career so far?

AP: Becoming the first personal trainer in the UK to receive the internationally recognised F.I.S.A.F. award and having my skills put to use within the NHS are high points for me, however, with the huge amount of interest in Wise Monkey Training, my career is still climbing.

TG:  How do you think your knowledge of NLP has helped you personally?

AP: Aside from being able to significantly boost the success of my own Pt business, when I studied NLP, I had to practice and perform the techniques with other NLP students and they in turn practiced with me. Because of this, so many of my own issues and psychological barriers have been destroyed and without sounding too melodramatic, I can honestly say that I would not feel as content, in-balance and positive as I do today, and I certainly wouldn’t have achieved so much without having been “NLP’d”. It really is that effective.

TG:  What does the future hold for you?

AP: My vision and motivation for Wise monkey Training is a virtuous holistic one so I’m going to get a little bit “peace and love” on you here Tom.

I know that Wise Monkey Trainers are able to make themselves wealthier and happier through increased income and business satisfaction. I also know that, with the spread of qualified Wise Monkey Trainers, they will help to increase the health and happiness of their clients too. So, the future is to enable Wise Monkey Training to spread health, wealth and happiness nationally and then internationally and I have already established links with a training company in Australia who are very keen to meet. So, in summary, the near future is the UK and Australia, and the future is an increased quality of life for many people!

TG:  Anthony, thanks again for your time and sharing with us all.

Fore more information on Wise Monkey NLP Training, click here.  Look out for our review of this course in the comming months.