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The North West Chapter of the Western A Price Foundation

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Hi All,

We have an exciting development in the new history of the Western A.Price Foundation – Manchester Chapter, I now have a co-leader!  Shortly after setting up the chapter I was contacted by Elizabeth Wells from Naturally Wells, she was interested in setting up a chapter too.  SO what we have decided is that we will do it together, and as the old sayings go two heads are better than one!

Here is a short bit about Elizabeth:-

Elizabeth (DNN, MFNTP) is a fully-qualified and licensed nutritionist and is a member of the Federation for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. She has specialist interests in auto-immune illnesses such as ME and Candidiasis, and is actively researching the links between these and more obscure modern conditions such as electrosensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

‘Much of my research has been informed by a questioning attitude towards conventional wisdom about health, especially the idea that there is a one size fits all ‘healthy’ diet. What we should eat is influenced by multiple factors such as our metabolic type and our ancestry. I tend to look back to what our ancestors ate, to an era before modern industrialised diets laid the foundations for so many of the degenerative diseases we now assume are normal.’

Elizabeth is an experienced writer, and has a PhD in English Literature. She has published articles on health and lifestyle for various publications including Allergy magazine, Your Healthy Living and the NHS.

If you are looking for a good Natural Nutritionist in the Chorlton area do look her up.

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