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Walking Technique

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Hi All

Now I know we all are aware of how to walk, most of us have been doing it for some time now. But if we look at the actual technique of waking we can start to make our movements more efficient. Why does this matter I hear you saying, welll the more efficient our movements are the less energy we use to do them. This means when you are doing a endurance type event  your energy reserves will last longer.

These training princliples are what the six week program you are going to recive ae built on. So take a bit of time this week and practice what is covered in this section of the guide.

Why Walk

Walking has many benefits, it can help to build muscular endurance, increases strength and flexibility. Beside this it also aids in strengthening bones and joints, boosts immune system, relives PMT symptoms, boosts levels of HDL (Good Cholesterol) which helps to give protection from osteoporosis.

Probably some of the best factors about walking is that it can improve overall health, reduce risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Most of all walking is easy and accessible and a great toll in the control of your weight, but most of all it is FREE!

We know that we all know how to walk, but there a few little tips we can give you that will improve your walking technique,

– must walk with good posture, using an arm foot motion.
– stand up straight
– Think tall, do not arch back
– Eyes forward
– Chin up
– Relaxed shoulders
– Suck in abs
– Rotate hip forward
– Lift chest

There are three levels of walking that we can use.

Level 1
– Beginners to walking, overweight, arthritis
– Walk a comfortable slow pace, concentrate on posture
– Approx mph
– Arm swing in opposition to legs (elbows slightly bent, swing from shoulder, relax, brush past legs)
– Relaxed arms
– Stride naturally knee unlocked, natural heel to toe action

Level 2
– Higher level of intensity leading to a larger CV training effect
– Only commence after you have good technique at level 1
– Should be able to walk at 4mph
– Increase bend at elbow to a right angle
– Emphases the back swing to correspond to increased forward movement in leg
– Keep arms close to the body
– Avoid side to side action
– Increase stride length, as leg comes through and heel strikes the ground lock the knee. Pelvis will rotate as speed increases possibly leading to increased pressure on the lower back
– Maintain heel toe action and start to drive off the back foot.

Level 3
– High intensity, often called power walking. Suitable for more experienced clients.
– Approx 5mph
– Arms held firmly at a right angle
– Emphasise the back swing of the arms to drive movement
– Keep the hand lower than the chest
– Relax the fist
– Take more smaller steps rather than lengthening your stride
– Stride should be longer behind the body where you are pushing off the toes. Getting full power off the heel to toe walking is the key to powerful walking
– Fast walkers train themselves to get more steps per second.

So why not get out and start walking?

Start off low and build up…. look out for our Walking for Fitness Program launching soon!