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Review: Activate Nutrition’s Lean Muscle Gainer

Friday, July 5th, 2013


Activate Nutrition sent me a 2.25kg tub of their Lean Muscle Gainer to try, so over the las few weeks I have been using it.  They even sent me my personal favourite flavour… Vanilla!  I used the shake over the last few weeks after my workouts.

The idea behind the lean muscle gainer is to give you all the building blocks to build lean muscle tissue, this protein shake is made up of pure whey protein concentrate, whole milk protein and Micellar casein.  The combination of these three different types of protein gives a time released effect, this allows you to keep your body supplied with a quality source of protein in both the short and longer term.  This constant supply of branched chain amino acids are a vital part of maximal growth and repair.  

I have been using Activate Nutrition’s Lean Muscle Gainer as a post workout protein shake as it has a great ratio of carbohydrates to protein, making it  the perfect choice for optimal recovery.  The insulin spike caused by the presence of carbohydrates is what is needed in order to create the perfect anabolic environment, leading to optimal muscle growth.  It is vital that a post workout protein powder gives both carbohydrate (in this case dextrose) and protein in order to replenish glycogen stores and fill the working muscles with quality protein to aid the muscle-building and repair process.

All in all I found the lean muscle gainer to have a great flavour, it mixed easily and the price would not break the bank.  As usual I found this product to be another amazing addition to the Activate Nutrition’s range.  Another job well done guys!