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Fitness Venues Review

Thursday, September 16th, 2010


Fitness Venues has been established for a number of years, over this time the site has grown massively and has incorporated loads of features.  This site really has become a one stop shop for fitness news and information.

Listings – The site has a comprehensive listing of a number off wellbeing services such as personal training, beauty salons, gyms, physiotherapists, etc… The listings are very in depth, with a wide choice of compaines in a wide variety of geographical locations.  The listings are very detailed giving you a wide range of information on the individual companies in a very clear and easy to use manner.

Forum – This is the best UK fitness forum that I have seen, it covers a wide range of topics.  Having a good ratio of industry professional and general exercisers regularly posting.  The great thing about the forum is that it has member’s who are both people seeking to improve thier health and also personal trainers, sports therapists and other wellbeing professionals.  This means that if you have a question it is one of the best places to post it and get some great information.

Look me up on the forum under the username Tom@foresight

News – The site also helps to keep you upto date with all the latest news on new products services and changes within the fitness and wellbeing industry.

Reviews – One of the best aspects of the webste is the vast range of independent reviews on various chains, and independent gyms across the contry.  This is a very useful resource for anyone who is looking to join a gym and would like to know the pro’s and con’s of various gyms in their area.

Articles – Fitness Venues has a great database of articles, written by fitness professionals and industry experts.  The range of articoes is very impressive covering a wide variety of topics, incuding exercise, nutrition, and overall wellbeing.

Fitness Venues has become a one stop shop for all your fitness needs, well worth a look for anyone who is interested in health, fitness and wellbeing in general.  I highly recommend that you have a good look at the site and also add it to your bookmarks list!