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Fitness Forums

Friday, August 13th, 2010

I have been a user of forums for a number of years, I think they can be great places for the free exchange of ideas between like minded people within the health and fitness community.


JP Fitness Forum – is one of the best all round fitness and related forums I have found on the internet. The forum is used by a lot of people with a very high standard of knowledge in the field of Health, Fitness, and Wellbeing. Well worth a look if you ever have any questions or are looking to increase your personal wellbeing knowledge. The forum covers many areas of strength and conditioning, nutrition and injury management. It is well established so if you want to know the answer to something you can bet it has been discussed at one time or another, and the searchable history makes it easy to find the answer.


Fitness Venues – is an off shoot of a UK based Fitness Services Listing and Article based site. The forum has not been going too long but already has a good group of contributors. It covers a very wide range of wellbeing related subjects, including fitness and exercise, diet and weight loss, health and beauty, nutrition and supplements, and leisure jobs. This site has a great deal of potential and will, I am sure come into it’s own over the next year!


Martial Arts Planet – started off as a Martial Arts based discussion group, but has for the past few years had a thriving fitness section. Again this forum has a great deal of knowledgeable contributors, who have varied backgrounds mainly with a martial arts slant. The sections on this site cover areas such as weight training, body weight training, flexibility, nutrition, injury prevention and management, and CV training. A must for anyone who is into martial arts and fitness.

T MagnumThis is the forum section of the well know Testosterone Nation website. A mainly US based web site covering all aspects of wellbeing generally from a strength and conditioning stand point. The site and forum are well established and have a number of the greats from the world of strength and conditioning as regular contributors.

These are just four forums of the many the net has to offer, they are the ones that I regularly use and can be seen on (screen name Tom@foresight). I do suggest that if you are looking to improve your knowledge on the subject of health and wellbeing have a look at one or two of these sites. They really are fun, no attitude, but knowledgeable places.

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