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Review: Fat Gripz

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Fat Gripz on Bar

I have been talking to clients and students about some of the benefits of fat bar training for a number of years, the key issue that is often flagged up is that most gyms do not have the correct equipment to make fat bar training possible. In fact fatter bars are very expensive making them well out of the reach of the average gym. A few months ago I was talking to a friend of mine and he had just picked up a pair of Fat Gripz, from the moment I heard about them I thought ‘what an awesome idea’!

I found I was even more impressed when I gave them ago, a couple of weeks ago the guys at Fat Gripz sent me a pair. I have been using them on myself, with clients and with students for the past few weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to write up a bit of a review of what i think of Fat Gripz.

Fist of all if we look at the reasoning behind using a fat bar to get bigger arms. A standard olympic bar is very easy to grip and requires a very low level of forearm activation. This often makes the weak link in the strength chain… your grip. The theory is simple the stronger the grip the more weight you can move leading to better results.

Fat Gripz can really help to bust plateau, over the years of training using standard bars your grip strength is often left behind, this often is the cause of a plateau. By moving to using a fat bar you can help to overcome this problem.


The key things that Fat Gripz can help with are follows:-

  • Weight is spread more evenly across the bar and across the joints.
  • Increases muscle activation.
  • Help to address imbalance.

Fat Gripz

Having tried the product I can safely say they are amazing and do what they claim to. They fit all the range of bars that i have tried them with and most dumbbells. These are really an amazing product, they are not necessarily needed at the start of your fitness journey but all those who have a training age of over 1-2 years will definitely feel the benefits.