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Why use a personal trainer?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Why use a personal trainer

As an active personal trainer I am often asked by prospective clients ‘why should I use a personal trainer?’ and  this is never an easy question to answer as the reasons often vary greatly from person to person.  The main over riding reason why a client starts to work with a personal trainer is that they are looking for results.

Results are a very important, many people have tried a number of different ways to achieve their fitness goal, mostly under their own steam.  In most cases people will find it hard to stick to the plan and results in failure and then de-motivation.

This is where a personal trainer can come in to motivate them, provide accountability and ensure you are doing everything right. If we look at each of these reasons in detail:-

Motivation, a experienced personal trainer will be an expert in getting the very best out of the clients that they work with.  Most of this comes down to having a true understanding of what drives a client and then applying appropriate behaviour change strategies to help them keep on track!

Accountability is a simple concept, this is where by having a personal trainer on hand to monitor your progress and ultimately you need to explain any deviations from our new behaviour patterns.  This has a massive positive impact on the likelihood of you achieving your goals!

There are a number of other key reasons why people use a personal trainer include:-

  • Lack of exercise experience
  • Need help with technique and motivation
  • Tips on nutrition and weight loss
  • Creates a schedule and discipline
  • Would rather work out with a trainer and not need a gym membership
  • Access to expert advice on nutrition and exercise

If you would like more information on personal training and how it can help you get RESULTS just give us a shout!