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What is creatine?

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Hi All

This time we are going to be looking at creatine, this is one of the most widely used supplements in gyms and has a wealth of research behind it.

Creatine is a protein that is produced within the body, but can also be eaten in meat and fish or taken as a supplement.  As a supplement it is found as a single product or as part of a pre/post workout product.

Creatine is used as a backup fuel source for our bodies, and allows us to have a source of phosphate to keep up with energy demands.  Its use is ideal in training where you are taking par in short periods of all out effort with minimal recovery periods.

Its use is also associated with minimization of post exercise muscle breakdown.  For the above reasons it has become a very popular supplement with gym goers, especially those involved in high intensity exercise, especially resistance based.  There is limited evidence of creatine’s effectiveness in endurance sports.

Many people targeting hypertrophy (muscular size) also use creatine as it draws water into the muscle giving the appearance of a larger amount of muscle tissue.

An average person takes in 1g of creatine a day from the food they eat and produces another 1g within the body.  This makes enough to keep our creatine stores around 40% full.   The best way to top these stores up is via supplementation of around 3g per day (any more that 5g will be excreted).  The ideal time to take creatine is post workout, as it draws water into your digestive system taking it prior to exercise can impede performance.

A key point is to ensure that you fully dissolve all the creatine in a liquid before drinking, there should be no visible signs of the power when drinking.