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Review: Clif Nutrition

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Clif Image

Recently while looking into energy gels I came across a website that I thought was amazing, it is so different to the usual sports nutrition brands that I ended up spending a hour or so looking round.  The site was the on-line home of the amazing Clif Nutrition, who have been making innovative sports nutrition products since 1992.  They are a  company that is built on the story of Gary the owner who after a long bike ride where him and a friend had been using another brand energy bar came to the conclusion that he could make better… so that is what he did and Clif was established.


As soon as I read this story I was immediately fascinated by the promise of a better range of energy products that would not only deliver on results but also on taste.  Lets face it, it is normally the second aspect that is the problem with a lot of sports nutrition products and in my experience especially energy gels!

I was lucky enough that the guys at Clif sent us a range of their products to road test and here is what I thought!

Clif Bar


The first thing I tried was the original Clif bar, this is the brands organic oat bar.  The bar is a good source of energy designed to be used n and around times of intense exercise.  It comes in a variety of flavours but by far my favourite was the Crunchy Peanut Butter.  The best thing about these bars in my opinion is that they taste real, not like many of the energy bars that you get on the market.  They are made with quality and well thought-out ingredients to give the user a quality and also effective energy boost.



Clif Builders Bar

I also tried the Builders Protein Bar, as opposed to the standard Clif energy bar this is designed to give a boost of protein when needed.  The bar itself contains a good serving of 20g of protein per bar it will help with the maintenance or growth of muscle.  Again one of the hey things I was blown away with by the Clif brand is the taste, these bars do really taste good.  They do not have the artificial taste that you find with a lot of protein bars on the market.   This is really the best protein bar I have tried in a long time!

Clif Shot Blocks

Next on my list from Clif was their Shot Blocks, these are jelly blocks used to boost energy levels during long duration exercise.   Initially when I tasted some of the blocks it took me back to my distant childhood eating jelly at parties!  They tasted fresh and sweet, they were really easy to have on you during an event and contain a good 33 calories per block.  This controlled calorie release was just right to keep your energy levels up during periods of extended exercise.

Clif Shot Gel


The Shot Gels are a extension of the theme of the Shot Blocks, they provide a quick release of energy in a easy to carry packet.  Rather than a solid Jelly type block it is more of a thick gel.  I enjoyed the shots but found the Chocolate flavour a bit too sickly for me.  The gels did help though to get my energy levels up and allowed me to keep up my energy levels.

All in all I have been very highly impressed with the Clif range of nutrition products, I would defiantly place Clif in my top 2 nutrition products of all time!  The branding is awesome, the taste is good and most of all the products are QUALITY!  So if you have not tried the Clif range yet… why not?