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Accountability in your goals

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Hi All,

As many of you know I am working with Mark Bowness of to help him achieve his Wellbeing goal of staying off alcohol for a year. His blogging efforts have got me thinking about the ways that you can make yourself accountable.

Being accountable for your goals means that you have a system in place that is checking that you are keeping up with the steps you said you would take to move closer to your goal. Accountability greatly increases your chances of achieving your goals, you are no longer just accountable to yourself. But also to others this makes it alot harder to go easy on yourself.

When looking into this I came across a great blog written by Lauren Hutchinson, titled Shrinking Violet. She is on a weight loss mission, and is very open and honest about what she is doing to achieve this goal. She comments on her successes, failures and general feelings as she makes her way through this exciting and life changing process.

It is vital that you look for a method of accountability in the goals that you set yourself. This can be by sharing it with the world via a blog, or more low key by sharing your goals with a friend or family member who will support you. If it is a goal that you would like to keep more private, why not become accountable to yourself by making sure your goals are written down. Then keeping good records or a diary of your progress.

Make sure you have a look at Mark and Laurens blogs for some great inspiration.