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Review: Naked Ape

Friday, November 29th, 2013

For the past few months I have been hearing more and more about Biltong, I like many had heard the word many times form mainly the Paleo camp but had little idea what it was all about.  So as I usually do I went looking for some answers, and I came across an amazing UK based company called Naked Ape.  After a conversation with the guys I found all the answers I needed with regard to what Biltong is and what its benefits are.

Naked Ape - Review

So what is biltong? I found out it is a cured meat that originates in South Africa, it is produced from a range of meats including beef, ostrich, and other game.  It is very similar in nature to Jerky as it is a spiced dried meat, with key differences being the larger portion size and Biltong generally has a sweeter flavour.  These are a great source of protein, that are easy to store so need to be refrigerated and have an amazing 6 month shelf life!

The Naked Ape bran is awesome, they sent me a couple of their varieties including Coconut, Cherry and Mango.  When I had my first taste I had no comprehension of what I was about to experience, for some reason I felt the the flavour would not be enjoyable… but boy was I wrong.  I really enjoyed the interesting flavours that The Naked Ape have produced, and the fruit/meat combinations should really not work in my mind… but they do!


So if your looking for a durable, lasting and easy to store source of protein I would definitely look deeper into the Naked Ape!