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Golden Rules of Drinking

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Hi All,

This is a difficult topic as most of us like a drink or two every now and then.  But in reality is that a bad thing?  We need to bear in mind the importance of everything in moderation ad that includes alcohol, but also we need to recognise the social aspects (some may argue stress management) side of alcohol.

Is it realistic to ask our clients never to rink, well i believe it is not.  we need to get across the message that as with everything in live moderation and portion control is the key eliment.  There is evidence to suggest that small amounts of alcohol may actually be good for certain systems within the body.

So what are the negative aspects of alcohol?  Well it obviously has an impact on the filtration systems (liver and kidneys), it effects hormonal balance, and also can casue the body to store fat.

Is there a way we can balance hese bad points with the good?  Well yes…

Here are the golden rules:-

  • Avoid binge drinking
  • Do not just drink alcohol all night, try alternativing alcholic with non alcoholic drinks
  • Try to avoid hangover food
  • Keep it in perspective


What is a unit?

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Hi All,

Following on from last weeks blog about how many units your allowed to drink, I got a load of e-mails asking what exactly a unit was…So here is Tom’s short guide.


  • A premium pint of lager, bitter or cider (5%) contains 3 units
  • A ordinary strength pint of lager, bitter or cider (3-4%) contains 2 units


  • A large 250ml glass of wine (12%) contains 3 units
  • A standard 175ml glass of wine (12%) contains 2 units (Many pubs and bars call this a ‘small’ glass)


  • A large double measure of spirits (2 x 35ml at 40%) contains 3 units
  • A large single measure of spirits (1 x 35ml at 40%) contains 1.5 units
  • A small double measure of spirits (2 x 25ml at 40%) contains 2 units
  • A small single measure of spirits (1 x 25ml at 40%) contains 1 unit


  • A 275ml bottle of alcopop (5%) contains 1.5 units

To be sure though just check the side of the container that your alcohol comes in, UK law now staes that the number of units per bottle/can must be clearly stated on the side.

Hope this helps!


How many units?

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Hi All,

I oftern get asked how much alcohol a person is allowed? Well the reccomendations have recently changed in the light of the binge drinking epedemic.

We as fitness and health professionals used to work based on weekly reccomendations, thse were 21 units a week for a male and 14 units a week for a female.  These were all well and good but as always people used to try and cheat the system.  If a male had not drunk any alcphl for 2 weeks could they realy go out and drink 40 units on Saturday night and be happy that they were under the 42 unit limit for 2 weeks?

Well as daft as this sounds when written on my blog it is what people use to think (well convince themself of), so the rules were changed.

Current reccomendations are 2-3 units daily for a male and 1-2 units daily for a female.  Now thee reccomendtions are all well and good in terms of avoiding binge drinking, but would we really what to drink alcohol every single day… I would say not.

I think that on the whole we should just go for everything in moderation and under control.