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As Fit As a Butchers Dog

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Just stumbling around the internet as I often do and came across a get UK based website for all those who are out there looking for a partner to do various sports with or for a coach.  Great idea if you ask me, how often do people have a burning desire to try a new activity or get involved with a new sport, but due to lack of a person or group to do it with they give up.  This site is highly useful for the adventurous of us out there who love to try new activities and enjoy meeting new people.

Well all you need to do is go to and get yourself a profile, let everyone know what you are looking for and you might find a group, club, or training partner in the sport or activity you are looking for.  The site works just the same as many of the other social network type sites, so if you are a facebooker you will find it a breeze to get started, if not the user interface is simple and un-cluttered making it very user friendly.

The site has a great range of tools, it brings social networking to the fitness world.  So have a look and see what you think, and I am sure that you will find it a great tool for motivating yourself to try new things, pick back up old activities you used to do and motivate yourself to keep going!

While your on there why not look us up my profile is Tomforesight and if you are one of our clients it would be very much appreciated if you could give us a rating!