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Review: The Compete Guide to Stretching by Christopher Norris

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Stretching has always been an under written about area within the fitness industry. I had the pleasure of reading Christopher Norris’ Complete Guide to Stretching, which is part of the now infamous series by publishers A&C Black.

As with all the ‘Complete Guides to…’ the book is a very easy read with some great information for anyone who is considering improving their flexibility routine. The book starts off with a very good chapter on the biomechanics of stretching, followed by a chapter on posture. These in my view are vital to fully understand the underpinning concepts regarding flexibility that are covered later in the book.

I found the chapter on measuring flexibility to be particularly of interest as it gives you the tools you need in order to set a benchmark in terms of flexibility from which to judge any developments from.

The book contains a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical advice that can be applied to yourself or your clients. If your stretching routine is a little limited I would strongly recommend this book and blow your clients away with some new stretches!

Review: Complete Guide to Sports Training

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

I have always been a big fan of A&C Blacks Complete Guide to… series, so it was great to read over the ‘Complete Guide to Sports Training’ by John Shpherd.

The book is a very easy read with some great information for anyone who is considering training a sports person. Throughout the book there are training tips where John draws on his experience and history of working with athletes to illustrate points he has made in the main text. There are also boxes detailing key information for ease of reference. The book covers a range of key topics including conditioning principles, injury prevention, motor skill development, programming, and nutrition. This all comes together to give the reader a great overview of the areas that they should be looking at in order to improve an individuals sporting performance.

Overall I would say the book is very well laid out, an easy read and contains a great deal of information that could be used by a trainer working with sports people or alternatively by the sports person themselves. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone.