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Underground Wellness Review

Having stumbled across Sean Croxton’s Internet offering about tweleve months ago, I found that I had come across one of the best alternative nutritional resources on the net! The Underground Wellness revolution now encompasses websites, YouTube content, Blogs, Forums, A on-line radio station, and who knows what will be next!

Sean is a Personal Trainer, lifestyle and nutritional coach based in San Diego, USA. Having an academic background in Kinesiology and studying at California State University, and having worked as a certified personal trainer for a number of years (NSCA, ACE and NASM). He has worked with a wide range of clients helping them to improve their levels of health and wellbeing. For a number of years he has also been educating the masses via his channel, which mainly focuses on alternative nutrition.

He has grown to offer a wide range of Internet based wellbeing related services, this man has really exploded onto the Internet wellbeing, fitness and nutrition scene with a wide range of internet based content. So lets have a bit of a run down of what he has on offer:-

Forum – A great forum has been added to the Underground Wellbeing website, it has some great members, many of whom are very knowledgeable in their fields be it fitness, personal training, nutrition, etc… There are a number of sections on the site that allow topics to be split down into different interest groups. This forum is a rarity on the net, with no cussing or put downs and true, learning taking place.

Blog – Sean’s blog has covered a number of subjects since it’s initiation at the start of the year, including the vitally important factor of body image, and new years resolutions. I look forward to the development of this section of the Underground Wellbeing website.

You Tube – The original of all the web based Underground Wellness content. All Sean’s videos tend to be short, but very concise and most importantly very user friendly. You can come onto the page and click on any of the videos and find an interesting and informative talk on a very wide range of nutritional topics. Sean’s style is of vital importance in getting his message across and ultimately his popularity, he is very laid back and conveys his message in a positive and never patronising manner.

Internet Radio – This is the latest of his web offerings and has already gained a great following. The radio shows tend to be between one and two hours long, and have been on a variety of different subjects, one of my personal favourites has been a show with William Wolcott of The Metabolic Typing Diet fame! The great things about these shows is that you have the opportunity to ring in and ask questions real time of Sean and his guests. As it is broadcast via the wonderful technology of the internet you have the choice of listening in live or downloading the show at a later date.

Website – The web site is the pace that brings together all these great factors under one roof, with a little more information on Sean and also his range of Personal Training services, Nutritional Services, Metabolic Typing, etc…

All in all Sean’s Underground wellness site is well worth a visit and I am sure that within minutes you will be hooked on his chilled out and laid back style of presenting a very important message, of health, wellbeing and improving your nutritional intake. These group of on-line services are a must see for all!

Thanks for all the hard work Sean!


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