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Review:Nutrition the Dirt Facts by Paul Chek

Hi All,

I have just re-watched a series of Youtube videos by the great Paul Chek on nutrition. The lecture that these videos are of is entitled Nutrition:The Dirt Facts. This is one of many lecture videos that are available form the Chek Institute, either via YouTube or on DVD from the institute itself. I strongly advise anyone who has not seen any of Paul’s stuff to have a look, and i am sure that you will be blown away!

The lecture is very different to the general nutrition lecture that you find on You Tube, in that it covers nutrition from the soil up. Which after all is where all our nutrition starts from. Paul Chek spends a great deal of time in this lecture looking at how the make up of our soil has changed and how this has then gone on to impact the quality of the things that we can then grow in it.

It is a very interesting perspective, many of the nutrition based lectures I have heard in the recent past have been focused on the fact that we need to grow better quality crops and make sure that we are eating organic as far as possible. But few of these people have looked at the issue from a base level where we are looking at what we can do to restore the quality of the soil that we use to grow the crops of tomorrow.

Paul then moves on to look at the basis of a good diet, what should we be eating, this is backed up by the thing that Paul does best, uses himself as an example. He explains why we should be making some relatively simple behavior changes that can have a massive impact on our lives and our levels of wellness.

The lecture is split over 10 video clips on you tube and can be found on the Paul Chek Live Channel. I have enclosed the first clip below for you to look at, please do let me know what you think by putting some comments up.

Find the rest of the series at:- PaulChekLive on You Tube

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