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Review:How to Eat Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek

How to Eat Move and be Healthy by Paul Chek is a truely revolutionary book, I bought a copy about a year ago and I must have read it over 4 times so far.It is getting a big dog eared now, but each time I read it I uncover more knowladge and make more improvements in my health.

For those of you who have not heard much about the man that is Paul Chek, he is a physical therapist (Physiotherapist) from the US. He really has bridged the knowladge gap between the traditional personal trainer, physiotherapists and holistic practitioners. He has been helping to up the knowladge base of personal trainers and holistic therapists across the world via his certification program and has been at the forefront of getting people to look at the body in a more holistic manner. Rather than concentrating on the various different component parts.

The book itself is is aimed at the general public, but there is alot of knowladge in their that would be of great beneifit to industry professionals such as personal trainers. The book is split into 4 sections, coving Introduction, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Stress/Sleep.  The book is laid out in a very effective manner allowing you to read it cover to cover or dip in and out.  The great use of mind maps at the start of each chapter are also a great tool when you wish to recap on an issue but not re-read the whole chapter.  The books is written in a friendly and easy to read manner, with just the right balance between scientific bachground and practical advice.

The nutrition section of How to Eat Move and be Healthy is based on Metabolic Typing and the idea of individualized nutrition, this is backed up by the idea that you are what you eat.  This can be put simply in terms of if you put rubbish into your body that is precisly what you will get out.

The physical activity section covers various types of function exercise, it is far from the traditional weight lifting book.  It covers exercises that will improve your ability to live your life doing the tasks that you need to do!  The book also covers a range of exercises designed to improve the flow of energy in the body and improve health, these work great as a good morning workout.

The book also includes a number of questionaires that can be filled out by the reader, self marked, and then used to tailor some of the advoce given in the book.  This is a great starting point for anyone who is at the start of a journy to imporve thier levels of health and wellbeing.

How to Eat Move and Be Healthy includes some great topics that are not often seen in a book of this type.  Paul Chek approaches the subjects of stress and sleep, which are vital to health and weight control, but are often overlook by personal trainers and clients.  This book explains these complex subjects and also helps the reader to understand how these factors impact overall health.

This book is a must for anyone who is comitted to improving thier personal levels of helath and wellbeing. I have reccommended this book to clients, friends and family members and all of them who have followed my advice and read it , then gone on to follow Pauls advice from the book have found it extremely powerful stuff.  The book really is a one stop shop and blueprint of how to live  happy, healthy, long life.

If you have not got a copy yet, here is a link to Amazon (you will not be disappointed)!

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