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Review: The Compete Guide to Stretching by Christopher Norris

Stretching has always been an under written about area within the fitness industry. I had the pleasure of reading Christopher Norris’ Complete Guide to Stretching, which is part of the now infamous series by publishers A&C Black.

As with all the ‘Complete Guides to…’ the book is a very easy read with some great information for anyone who is considering improving their flexibility routine. The book starts off with a very good chapter on the biomechanics of stretching, followed by a chapter on posture. These in my view are vital to fully understand the underpinning concepts regarding flexibility that are covered later in the book.

I found the chapter on measuring flexibility to be particularly of interest as it gives you the tools you need in order to set a benchmark in terms of flexibility from which to judge any developments from.

The book contains a good balance between theoretical knowledge and practical advice that can be applied to yourself or your clients. If your stretching routine is a little limited I would strongly recommend this book and blow your clients away with some new stretches!

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