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Review: Nutrition Centre’s Solgar Vitamin D3

Vitamin D

Recently I was sent a number of health based supplements by The Nutrition Centre, many of which I had not perviously tried.  One of the supplements that they sent through to me was a bottle of vitamin D3, so I was very keen to start using it and see what affect it had on me.

Vitamin D3 is a key fat soluble vitamin in the effective absorption of calcium  this helps to develop a strong bone structure and teeth.  This vitamin is also an important factor in maintaining a strong immune system.  We are supposed to produce this vitamin within our bodies from the UV rays that we get from sunlight.  However in the UK with our limited amount of sunlight many individuals feel the need to supplement  especially during winter months.  The limited amount of sunlight has led to many people in the UK being deficient in this very important vitamin, meaning the need for supplementation is very common.

The Solgar Vitamin D3 400iu soft gel capsules have undergone molecular distillation to help to remove all harmful contaminants. The capsules are oil based, this format helps to aid optimal levels of absorption.  The recommendation is to take one capsule per day with a meal.

I added the vitamin D3 supplement to my normal vitamin intake over the course of a month and found that it did help me to keep my immune system topped up.  I found that it was a great addition to my diet, and although I had no concrete proof of the fact it was aiding my effective absorption of calcium, I felt that it was working effectively.

As this supplement is cheap and easy to add into your current intake I thoroughly recommend it, especially during the winter months.


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