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Review: Multipower NOxtreme


Over the years I have tried a number of different pre-workout products that claim to boost energy levels, concentration, focus and ultimately your work output.  This normally translates into better gains, as within reason, the bigger volume of work that you get done in your training sessions the better the gains you will experience.

Recently both myself and a group of willing students on a personal training course I was teaching gave NOxtreme from Multipower Pro a go prior to a gym based session. The session was based around advanced lifting systems, and promised to be a challenging one.   The 908g tub sent me easily gave the 15 of us a good sized helping with a bit left over for me to use in my next 5 or so sessions.

NOxtreme contains a number of different compounds that are both anabolic (muscle building) and ergogenic (performance enhancing) aids.  Multipower-pro had sent me the Berry Blast flavour that went down well with all the guys, we threw it onto our shakers and mixed it up.  We found that the powder mixed well with water and produced a smooth and good tasting drink.

Off we went to the gym and after a good warm up we started to work some of the different resistance base training systems.  Now, this practical session is an intensive one where all students are expected to put 110% in and feel the hell that they will be putting their clients through!

The mixture of creatine and PTC help to gave a massive cellular level power boost, with the addition of beta-alanine to help buffer the lactic acid produced during intense exercise.  This combination proved to be useful with all but one student finding that they felt that they got a much greater volume of work done in the session that hey felt they would have done if they had not used NOxtreme.  That is always a good thing, as we all know more work generally leads to more gains!

NOxtreme also contains a good mixture of Turaine, Guarana and Caffeine that gives you a massive concentration boost and also has the added benefit of helping to stimulate the central nervous system.

On the whole I do not recommend the use of these type of products on a daily basis or to be used prior to every training session.  But on those days when you need a boost, or when looking to bust a plateau then this is an ideal product to use to boost energy and increase performance.

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