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Review: Multipower Iso Drink



The guys over at Multipower sent me over some of their Iso Drink to try, I have been using these types of powder-based products for a number of years both for myself and with clients before and during long workouts.

Iso Drink is an isotonic powder that you easily mix in a shaker with water to create the perfect in workout boost to your energy and hydration levels.  Mixing the product is easy and the 35g serving creates 500ml of drink that tastes smooth, without all those annoying grainy bits often found in drinks of this nature.   I personally enjoyed the orange flavour but the powder does come in a number of different varieties.

Besides the standard carbohydrate found in these drinks this product also contains a mix of l-carnitine, minerals and BCAAs.  This helps to improve energy levels and keep you going for longer!

Iso Drink is the perfect partner for anybody who likes their endurance based sport’s. During recent endurance training session I used a number of clients as guinea pigs…. They always enjoy trying a new product!  Both my clients and myself found that they got a better overall volume of work done using this product to boost energy levels half way through their training as opposed to just using water.

If you’re a endurance based person and your looking for a way to boost your energy levels in the later parts of a training session, I would definitely recommend that you add Multipower’s Iso Drink into your nutritional program!

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