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Review: Multipower Creatine

Hi All,

I decided to have a go at using creatine as part of my pre workout nutritional routine, I decided to have a go at using Multipower 100% pure creatine monohydrate.  I had not used creatine for a number of years (at least 2) and had completely forgotten then benefits it can give.  Last time I took a creatine supplement I found it to be a little gritty and not the nicest thing to down before an intense workout…. I am glad to say this was not the case with the Multipower product I tried!


So lets have a look at what is in the creatine powder, it is made with Creapure monohydrate (which is suitable for veggies).  The powder itself is very fine allowing it to mix very well with your pre-workout drink.  The package suggested that I take 3g daily, which I took pre-workout.  I found using this pre-workout to be very effective and gave me the boost I needed during those harder sessions.

The science behind the use of creatine is based on the fact that creatine is used in your muscles to form an energy rich compound that helps energy production during periods of highly intense exercise.  The use of creatine has been noted to help users sustain high intensity exercise for a longer period of time allowing you get performance improvement benefits from the increase workload. It has also been noted that using creatine can help to speed recovery between sets, again allowing a greater workload to be carried out.  This helps you to experience some good strength gains!

I found the Multipower Creatine to give me a good boost during my workouts and also a good tasting, easy to use supplement.  For all those of you out there who use creatine I would definitely recommend the Multipower brand and for those who have not yet tried adding creatine to their nutritional routine, give it a go!

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