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Review: Mindless Eating by Brain Wansink

This is one of the most amazing books I have read in a good long while.  The book is all about food psychology and what makes us eat in the amounts and the types of food that we do.  When it comes to food psychology Brian Wansink is the king.  For any of you who are unsure of who he is, here is a quick run down.  he is a Professor of Applied Economics and Management and he is resident at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Laboratory in New York.  His specialist subject is nutrition and marketing.

The book details several of his experiemnts thathave been carried out in his food lab and also in the wider world, he then skillfully applies the data gained to reality and how if can change your life and that of your clients.  I think that the main factor that sets this book apart from the millions of diet types books is that, most diet books tell you all the do’s and don nots but they do not really address teh why’s.  Why do we eat too much? Why do we not stop when we are full?  Why ar ewe under teh power of the big brands?  Why do we eat stuff when we know it is bad?

Well Mindless Eatining answers all these, and best of all it is an easy read!  Not jargonistic or theoretical, but in simple, enetertaining English.  If you have tried diet books before and not had teh reults you wanted, then this is the boko for you!  It is a diet book that is not about diet but behaviour!

Ten out of Ten!


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