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Review: EastWest Healing Radio

Hi All,

Just been listening to East West Healing’s Blogtalk Radio station, must say that I am very impressed. Don’t think I am surprised as for a while now I have been following Josh Rubins You Tube channel, and his knowledge and advice in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing are second to none.  This man has an immense amount of knowledge and is a skilled holistic health practitioner.

For those of you who do not know Josh, one thing you can do is have a look at my interview with him, but to put it in brief. He is a Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner based in California, he is a Chek Level 4 practitioner, HLC 3, Member of the Chek Institute Facility, and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. Josh has a long history in helping those that traditional medicine has turned its back on or not been able to cure. He looks at the human body, mind and soul as one and uses a wide range of functional diagnostic techniques to look under the hood of what is really going on.

The radio station itself is not a new concept with many other practitioners having shows and podcasts, what is unique about Josh and the team at East West is their ability to take relatively complex subjects and explain them in a way that a layman could understand.  This then allows you to absorb and take action on the information that he puts across to you.  This theme has been seen throughout his You Tube videos and is carried on in his Blog Talk Radio shows.

His shows have covered a wide range of subjects, these have recently included hollistic living, over coming addictions, back care, the importance of hydration and much more. Besides the content itself Josh has managed to get some very high profile guests onto his show, these have included people such as Paul Chek, Dr Jamie Kazer, John McMullin, and many more.  This show is definitely one that will grow and develop at a rate of knots.

These shows are not to be missed so do tune in, get them on your iPod and start increasing your knowledge. If you are a new listener make sure you look up the blog talk radio page so you will be able to listen into the back catalogue of shows.

Great stuff guys and I am looking forward to hearing much more form you.


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