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Review: Complete Guide to Postural Training

Hi All,

I have just finished another book by the great Kesh Patel, if you have not heard about him you have obviously not been reading the blog lately!  We did an interview with Kesh Patel a few weeks ago that is well worth a read!

Well onto The Complete Guide to Postural Training, well first off it is part of the long-standing A&C Black series that is aimed at both fitness professionals and also interested individuals.  The book is aimed at a non technical market, so if you do not know the first thing about sports science or if you do but ou want a simple guide to get you started in the world of postural training this is the book for you. The book like all The Complete Guide to… Series is extremely well thought out and is laid out in an easy to read format.

The book starts off by giving you the important benchmark of what is good posture and why is it so important.  It really explains how posture is the basis of all movement and if you have good strong posture then you have good strong movement which in turn leads to a increased strength, increased level of performance and ultimately reduction in injury risk.  This concept is the foundation really, we are all aiming for better posture to allow better movement!

The book then moves onto detail a number of training plans and training ideas to target various postural faults.  The book is engaging and is an easy read not getting too technical while still getting across the major points that need to be considered when someone wants to improve their posture and alignment.  Most importantly it offers the solutions to the postural problems that we have.

This book is a must for anyone with poor posture or those who are seeking to improve the posture of others!


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