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Review: Body Refinery Fat Burners

I recently was asked to take a look at some fat burners that have been formulated by Body Refinery, a Manchester based personal training and emerging supplement company.  They have a growing and effective range of sports supplements.

Fat Burner Review

The first thing to look at is the formula, here is what I found… The Body Refinery fat burners have a number of key weight loss ingredients, that most importantly are all legal and proven!

Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg – This well used ingredient helps to boost energy levels and a great deal of research supports the use of caffeine as a pre workout energy boost and general stimulant.

Bitter Orange 150mg – this ingredient is a documented metabolic booster and helps to indirectly mobilise fat.

Green Tea 40% Extract 10mg – this is a widely used metabolic booster and more recently has been shown to help, particularly men tackle obesity.

Guarana 10mg – described as an extra powerful coffee is a great source of caffeine and therefore boosts energy.

Niacin N-Act 16mg – is a form of vitamin B-3 and acts as a powerful energy booster, tis vitamin helps to allow your body to more effectively produce energy.

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine 2mg – this helps to oxidise fat and therefore fight body fat.

Next I looked at the reasons why they work, most fat burners (including the Body Refinery ones) work on a number of levels. Firstly they tend to have metabolic boosting properties, next they tend to increase energy levels with the aim of increasing activity, finally they tend to work to help to mobilise stored fat. These three things come together to form a powerful fat fighting tool used as part of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet.

So finally to look at the product itself, it is packaged well and has strong and distinctive branding. One of the most reassuring things about this product is the detailed instructions regarding use, this unfortunately is often lacking with many supplements. The instructions clearly outline pre-workout, and general weight loss usage. The standard sized pack comes in 30 day supplies, so 60 capsules.

The Body Refinery capsules can also be used as a great pre-workout supplement, just take 2 capsules approx 45 minutes before training.

Have a look at the Body Refinery Website for more information on the Fat Burners or their range of CLA and Proteins.

To help maximise results, use with Body Refinery Diet Protein + and Body Refinery CLA.

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