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Review: Bobble Bottle


Over the years I have (well I thought I had) seen every conceivable design for a water bottle you can imagine, most I have owned and at some point lost in the gym.   Recently I started to place a bigger emphasis on not only getting my requirement of water each day but also making sure that the quality of water that I drink is as high as possible. I have made a conscious effort to make sure that the 60-70% of me that is water, is the cleanest, best quality water around!

Initially I started to look at the bottles I used and looked at buying bottles that were PVC and BPA free.  This was not so much of a challenge with a great deal of bottle manufacturers now producing bottles without these nasties!  Now due to my job I do not want to carry round a massive water bottle with all the good old H2O I will need for the day, I prefer to full it up as I go along.  Spending most of my life in gyms, I am never too far away from a water fountain anyway!

This presents the second problem in that the water I then fill my bottle up with is not filtered, like it would be if I filled it up at home.  The solution I found was Bobble Bottle, an amazing invention.   Definitely on my top 10 of the year!  They have come up with an amazing idea to put the filter into the bottle, meaning I can fill up on the go and also make sure my water is filtered.  This made my year, as it means I am never far from clean, and filtered water.

I have been using a 750ml sport version of the bottle which is small enough to carry round, one of the great things about the sport version is that it has a handy cap that keeps that sports nozzle nice and clean.  The filter itself is a great bit of kit, it lasts 300 fills and then you just replace it, but keep the rest of the bottle I have grown so fond of.

I have found the Bobble Bottle to be a great tool, and it is one of those things that I will have by my side for years to come! Well worth spending a tenner on!


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