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Padbox Review

Some of the personal training team here at Foresight have recently done the Padbox Course.  Boxing classes designed for fitness are now becoming very popular, with a wide range fo people.  If you use it as a stress reliver, a good bit of exercise or even to learn how to look after yourself a bit.  STytems like PAdbox, Boxercise and OutBox are on the rise, all are great but by far the best oen i have seen so far has been Pad Box!

The course was designed by Ian Burbedge, an ex armature boxer and Andrew Scott, a sports scientist. The course offers personal trainers the chance to learn actual boxing skills and apply them to a fitness setting. The course covered areas of footwork, technique, combinations, pad work, show boxing and much more.

My experience in martial arts set me up with what I thought was the basics of how to use focus mitts, but the pad box course gave me a great deal more skills. The trainer were great, very supportive and encouraging. Above all they seemed to understand that we were not looking to become pro boxers and was looking at the skills from a fitness perspective, but gave us a great deal of information in a very short period of time. Well done!

The course as a whole was one of the best practical based courses i have done, and many of my clients should enjoy the new combos, and skills that the course has enabled me to pass on to them. Myself and the rest of the Foresight team who have done the course really rate it and can’t wait for further modules to be added to this initial offering.

Cheers for some great training!


PS.  Look out for our interview next week with Pad Box creator Ian Burbedge!

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