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Anatomy for Beginners Review – Dr Gunther Von Hagens

I have always been a fan of the work of Dr Gunther Von Hagens, ever since I went to see his controversial body world exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Despite the various arguments for and against the body worlds exhibition and his work in general, I do feel that the when bodies have been donated for a given task, that of dissection and the individuals knew what their bodies would be used for. This kind of work has popularised the field of anatomy and physiology and brought it to the public in an entertaining, but most importantly educational manner.

At the exhibition I purchased the DVD of Anatomy for Beginners, as a personal trainer I have more than a passing interest in how the body works and how the various components (organs, muscles, bones) work together to make the fascinating human body. The Anatomy for Beginners DVD itself is very well put together and mirrors the series that was first aired in early 2005. Which at the time was ground breaking and caused much debate as to weather it should be aired on public TV or not.

The series follows a general theme where a dissection takes place to outline the various theories behind a given topic, in this series topics include movement, circulation, digestion and reproduction. Live models are also used to illustrate the points that Dr Hagnes is trying to get across.

If you have an interest in the working of your body, and you have a strong stomach, this is a must see. The program is educational and takes a very complex subject matter and gets it across to a lay audience in a very comprehensive way.

The video is well worth a watch weather you are a budding anatomist, doctor or just have an interest in the human body.

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