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What is Total Fitness?

Hi All,

Fitness is made up of many aspects, a great deal of the time we only consider the physical aspects of the term that we refer to as fitness. But what are all the different areas that we need to be consider fit in to be a health, happy and rounded human being? To look at this we are going to use a concept called Total Fitness.

So what factors make up Total Fitness?

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Nutrition
  • Spiritual
  • Medical

Lets look at these one by one and examine what each one means:-

Physical – This refers to are you getting the recommended amount of physical activity? Including activities of daily living (such as housework, diy, gardening, etc…) and exercise (more structured activities such as going to the gym).

Social – Are you able to and strive to create and maintain healthy relationships with others in our society?

Mental – Are you aware of your personal thinking patterns and use them to make positive life choices?

Emotional – Are you able to express your emotions at all, are you able to express them clearly?

Nutrition – Do you eat a balanced diet, are you giving your body the fuel it needs?

Spiritual – Are you aware of and using your own belief system to make positive choices in life?

Medical – Are you free from illness?

Have a think about the above, do you really train hard in all the above areas, fitness is not always just about hitting the gym and eating right!  It is not even just about having a personal trainer!


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