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Interview with Matt Brennan (MB Fitness)

TG: Hi Matt, thanks for being interviewed.  Could you start off by telling us a little about your background in the wellbeing industry?

MB: Hi Tom, it all started in 2002, I had picked up so many injuries from football, two which lead to unnecessary operations, so I wanted to learn more about my body, and how I could rehab these injuries without surgery. Whilst doing my reserach, I came across Premier training, and decided to re-train and enroll on the Premier diploma course. From there I set up MB Fitness, where I went to people’s houses for PT and massage. After two years I set up my first personal training studio. In 2007, I accepted the a role at  Ipswich Town FC as their first team masseur,  In 2008, I set up Grange Fitness on the outskirts of Ipswich, then just this month, I moved MB Fitness into a new functional training gym.
TG: Can you tell us a little about your gym and how it is different to the mainstream chain gyms?
MB: Well, as a trainer there is nothing more boring then standing next to a client on the treadmill pressing buttons, so I wanted to give the people of Ipswich something different, and after a lot of different training courses, hours brainstorming, and a few trips to some of the best gyms in the country (the one that was closest to my ideas was the underground training station in the north west) I came up with a gym that offers so much. Yes we have treadmills, bikes, rowers etc, people expect this, we also run regular fitness classes, but where our  uniqueness in Suffolk comes into play, is the metabolic resistance training classes, where we swing on monkey bars, flip tyres, pull sledges and basically functionally train! this type of training burns calories at a great rate, plus also increases strength and power at a much faster rate too, all this whilst having fun!

TG: What are your top 5 weight loss tips?
MB:              1. Set realistic and achievable goals.
2. Train regularly, intensely, and keep it varied.
3. Try to eat as many natural foods as possible – stay away from processed foods!
4. Have someone you can talk to about your fat loss problems, like a mentor or trainer
5. Stay away from the scales otherwise you will become obsessed      with what the scales show
TG: What part does nutrition have to play in weight loss?

MB: From my previous clients results, it plays a massive part of weight loss. Unless you combine training and good nutrition you will not maximise your weight loss chances. So many of my clients think they are eating healthily, however a food diary normally puts that claim to shame, once they put a little effort into planning and preparing their meals, the weight loss speeds up!
TG: How important is effective communication between personal trainer and client and how do you build this?

MB: I think it is a fundamental part of a good business for the trainer and for the client in achieving their goals. The way I build this is by being honest and upfront from the start. By setting realistic goals, and if a client isn’t doing their part, telling them, I think the client appreciates this and instantly increases their trust in me. If a member of my gym doesn’t come in for a while, I send a polite email reminding them of their goals and in most cases this is the kick up the backside my members are waiting for!

TG: How do you go about setting effective goals with your clients?

MB: I assess my clients every two months. We then set goals and agree how many sessions it will take to reach them. Two months later, If my client reaches their goals I reward them with extra PT sessions. If they do as I say but dont reach their goals for some reason, I still reward them with PT sessions for the effort the put in.

TG: How do you monitor their progress towards these goals?

MB: We have regular updates to check that the client is happy with the exercises and type of training they are following. If they are unhappy for any reason (exercise too hard, not enjoyable) we address this straight away and try a different approach to reaching the goals.

TG: What do you feel are the most important traits of a good personal trainer?

MB: Knowledge is essential, an understanding of your clients lives and how different people are is an advantage but as mentioned above, a good communicator is a must.
TG: Tell us a bit about what the future holds for you?
MB: Well, my immediate future lies with keeping my current members happy whilst trying to build up MB Fitness into the best training zone in the county! This year I would like to expand my knowledge so I can continue changing my clients lives! Going forward, I may look at taking the “MB Fitness empire” further afield, however after this last venture which took a lot of time and energy, a little more family time is needed.
TG: Thanks for your time Matt, and we wish you all the best for the future!

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