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Working in fitness talk at MMU

Manchester Metropolitan University

As a proud Alumni and current student (adding a second degree) I have always been happy to help out the university, its students and staff.  At the beginning of this year I was approached to see how I could help the careers service, particularly at the Crewe site to help students on sports and exercise related degree programmes to prepare for the inevitable day when they have to start work for real.

On the 9th May 2014 I had the massive honour of giving a talk to some students at Manchester Metropolitan University, the subject was Working in the Fitness Industry.  It was great to interact with the students and members of staff who attended and help them to better understand what working in the fitness industry was all about.  The key one being dispelling some of the myths that surround the word ‘personal trainer’.

The talk covered a number of subjects but started off with a bit of my history and some stories of the wide and varied jobs that I had held within the fitness industry.  The talk then moved onto any analysis of the fitness industry and the various job roles open to graduates.  Finally we discussed the range of training that was available to graduates and how this can help them find a job that suits their personal circumstances.

I has a great day at the Crewe site and look forward to this talk being a regular fixture on the careers calendar. As usual if you have any questions about how to get into the fitness industry or anything in general please feel free to comment, e-mail or social media me!



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