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Childhood Obesity

Hi All,

I have just been watching a program about the use of gastric bands in children to try and help obese children. Some of these youngsters weigh in at 18 stone, plus. It left me thinking about who to blame? The children themselves? The parents? The food industry? Or society as a whole? I am really not sure!

These children are in a desperate situation, they are morbidly obese at such a young age. This leaves them open to the various diseases associated with being overweight, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

It shocked me to see how post gastric band surgery, that the doctors recommended these youngsters only eat pureed food, and the family was feeding the youngster a mushed up fast food from a famous brand. This is far from what I would consider a healthy, balanced meal.

Is this through laziness? Or lack of education? Do people really know what they should be eating?

I think this is the problem, not only in the UK but across the western world. People really do have a lack of education about what different foods do in their body and the effects that certain foods can have on their overall weight and their obesity. We need to do more than tell people what are “good” and “bad” foods, we need people to understand what their body needs and most importantly WHY!

We need to increase the education that we give not only to the youth in the UK but also the population in general. Not only in terms of what we should eat, we also need to develop a passion for health and wellbeing. Here in the UK we are at the very start of a possible obesity epidemic, we need to make changes. We need to educate the next generation and reap the health rewards in years to come. Child Obesity is the worst of all types in my book, these children will continue to suffer with weight issues and have to struggle with their obesity for many years to come.

Remember the more you learn about nutrition and what different nutrients do in your body the better nutritional choices you can make.

Until next time, eat, move and be healthy!


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