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Healthy Eyes at Work

More and more people these days are working in front of computers, and it seems that in the near future this trend will only increase. This is simply the way of the world, and specifically the way of business – with more businesses being capable of running smoothly online, and more people taking advantage of various Internet work and freelance opportunities, computers are more vital for work than ever before. This is wonderful for many different reasons, but it can also be a bit troublesome from a personal health and performance standpoint. For example, many people find that their eyes become very uncomfortable staring at computer screens all day, and this can lead to headaches, as well as attention lapses. So how can you avoid these types of problems? Here are a few basic tips for eye and head health working at computer screens.

• First off, before you even worry about your computer or your workplace habits, consider your eyes on their own. If you wear contact lenses, remember that Acuvue UK can provide you with various styles designed to fit different eyes and keep your eyes moist. You should take steps to be certain that you have the most comfortable possible contacts for your own eyes.
• Once your own eyes are guaranteed to be as comfortable as they can be at work, you should consider your computer screen, and what about it makes you uncomfortable. One thing to keep in mind is that most people keep their computer screens on brighter settings than necessary. If you try dimming your screen a little bit, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much less irritating it is for your eyes.
• Additionally, you should consider situating your desk setup in a way that keeps your computer screen a bit farther away from your face. Particularly when they concentrate hard on their work, people have a tendency to lean in closely to their screens, and this can lead to more significant irritation. If you make an effort to keep your screen at least two feet in front of your face, your eyes should be a bit more comfortable.
• Finally, once you have addressed your eyes and your computer setup, you should also remember that breaks are necessary when you work at a computer. Staring at a screen all day can not only irritate you physically, but it can also cause you to work less efficiently. Taking a ten minute break now and then, every couple of hours, can refresh you far more than you might guess, and you may even find that you work better in between your breaks.

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