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Don’t Buy This Man a Pint

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


Hi all,

I have recently become involved in a great project that Mark Bowness is has set himself, he is giving up alcohol for a year.  During this time he is looking to improve himself both in body, mind and spirit.  Want to know more have a look here.

He is also doing the very brave thing of telling everyone about his mission and also blogging about it at  He is not only doing this but he is using the media interest to get people involved in SOS Children’s Village, a charity that sponsors villages in poorer regions of the world.  He has pledged to use £20 of the money he would have spent on alcohol in a month to put towards this charity.  Why not do the same? We have decided to give him some support, in terms of his fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.  Stay tuned both here and on Mark’s blog for more info of what we will be doing.

Here is what i have had to say about this great project:

Mark talked to us at Foresight Personal Training a few weeks ago and explained that his mission for the year is to give up alcohol and go on a journey of self discovery.  This journey will take him through improvements in both body and mind, when we first heard about this we though ‘wow what a brave bloke’, not only is he embarking on this epic goal, but he is documenting and publicising it for the world to see. 
We are so happy to be involved in this exciting project and hope that this helps Mark to live a happier, healthier and most importantly longer life.  We look forward to supporting Mark in every way we possibly can and hope his tale acts as inspiration to those who follow his story to make small, lasting changes to their lifestyle in order to reap the massive rewards of improved health. 
Mark is not only making a massive change in his own life but by his support and fund raising for SOS Children’s Villages, he is also making a massive change in so many others lives across the world.  This is a great cause and we do encourage you to support them!
We would like to thanks Mark for the opportunity to be involved in this great project and we hope that our advice, that will be made freely available on by the blog and on our blog ( will lead to improvements in health in the wider community.
TOM Godwin
Managing Director
Foresight Fitness Services

Great Personal Training Video

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

A great video by Alex Reyes of Engaged Fitness in New York.

Before you start to lift weight

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Hi All,

Just came across this video from Coach Brett Klika from FitnessQuest10 in San Diego. It outlines the basic motor skills that need to be developed before starting to squat, bench press, or train using many of the olympic style lifts.



What do you think? Please do comment!


How to Take on 2010 Holistically

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Here is the second of a series of guest articles by Brandon Krieger, you want to know how to set effective goals you will by the end of this!

How many of us look over the past year and say “I wish I could have done… ” or as the New Year approaches you are thinking, “This year I’m going too…”

I have been in the same situation numerous of times, recapping the years that have past and coming up with “New Year Resolutions” to achieve in the up coming year. I can honestly say that each year I have personally made a laundry list of goals I wanted to accomplish and have been able to fully complete only a few. There are people out there that are able to write out their list of 5, 10, 20…etc goals to achieve in the New Year and are able to complete them. But, like myself there are so many people that can not do it because life seems to throw us challenges.

Three years ago, I learned a way to setup realistic holistic goals that not only was I able to accomplish them, but I was also able to enjoy the journey. The system that I learned is detailed and takes sometime to get it down. I want to give you the overview and a few tips so you can start working on your Holistic New Years Resolutions.

1) Understand and live your Core Values.

2) Know your Legacy and live it daily.

3) Do not set more then 3 Goals at a time.

4) Draw out a mind map on how you are going to accomplish each goal.

5) Figure out how you are going to do 1 action per day to work towards each of your goals.

Here are some tips that are very helpful for setting goals. Think of goals like children; you have to care, feed, play with and love them. If you can only handle taking care of one child then do not set yourself up for caring for 3 children. I use this analogy because it is so true when it comes to goals. If you can not spend the time, feed, nurture, and love your goal(s) how are you going to be able to accomplish them? That is why when I teach people about goal setting I teach them how to properly manage their expectation and how to set realistic goals. This way they can accomplish their goals without getting overwhelmed and quitting.

Once you have this foundation down you can easily set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic, Timed) Goals and have a successful New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Love & Chi

Charity Calendar

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Hi All,


Just a quick one, Beth Kelly one of our long term clients has recently been involved in a great charity calendar project in aid of cancer research.  As featured in Fridays Manchester Evening News!

The calendar is entitled the girls of 2010 and would find a great home on any office or home wall.  The calandar is only £10 with all profits going to Cancer Research.

These things will sell fast so don’t delays and get yourself to and buy yours today!


Lose Weight in 2010, GUARANTEED!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Do you want to lose that post Christmas weight? Do you want noticeable results fast? Do you want to work with an experienced weight loss personal trainer, who focuses all their attention on yo0ur needs and getting you to your goals? Do you want a New You?

Well this package is for you, it is designed to kick start your weight loss using methods that will get the fat off and most importantly keep it off.  This course lasts twelve intensive weeks and is not for the faint hearted, it takes work, commitment and dedication, but best of all gives you RESULTS!  We GUARANTEE it!

You will be working with one of our experienced and seriously motivating Weight Loss Specialist Personal Trainers, who will work on the four fundamentals of weight loss with you.  These are Exercise, Diet, Lifestyle and Mental Attitude!

So what does this package include?

Your initial consultation and a nutritional advice session, that will help you to focus in on the importance of diet in terms of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  This session aims to educate you so you can make better dietary choices.

After you initial consultation you will have 2 personal training sessions a week for 12 weeks.  These sessions will follow an individual program, specifically designed for you by your weight loss specialist personal Trainer.  This program will ensure that you are fully challenged and receive the best possible results over the twelve week program. 

The course itself is a high intensity kick start to your training! Want to know a bit more about how we work before you commit?  Then why not take advantage of our no commitment, FREE taster session?

The New Year, New You package is a 12 week program and includes the following:-

–          A FREE initial consultation, goal setting and taster session (No commitment to book)

–          Nutritional Advice Session (1 ½ hours, RRP£50)

–          7 Days to a healthier you e-mail action steps to kick start your new healthier life (a daily e-mail with action points for that day allowing you to make lasting changes)

–          Regular motivational/informative e-mails.

–          The Foresight New Year, New You Success Strategy (e-book, RRP £9.99)

–          24 x 1 hour Personal Training Sessions with one of our Weight Loss Specialist Personal Trainers (2 sessions per week for 12 weeks).

–          Access to our daily motivational Twitters from our client ONLY Twitter account.

This package is part of our RESULTS GUARANTEED promise, so if you do not loose weight over the 12 week period and you have stuck to your end of the barging by attending all sessions and taking on board what we tell you, we give you ALL your money back!

Investment of only £650 (if all elements were paid for separately it would cost you £799). 

This package is NOT advertised on our website, so for more details call the office on 0161 614 0133 or drop us an e-mail at

Setting Effective New Years Resolutions

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

It is that time of year again when we are looking towards/back at Christmas, then looking down at that bit of a budge that we have put on. It springs into many people minds to set themselves some new years resolutions based around health and fitness. But lets face it, how many of you have looked back at the resolutions you set last year, or what we are going to refer to as goals, and have achieved them? Unfortunately not many people do go on to achieve what they have set out to do, but why?

I feel that by following some simple goal setting rules, and this is not just post Christmas, but all year round, you can greatly increase your chance of achieving your goals. So lets take a look at the SMARTER system for setting goals, all goals must be:-

Specific – Goals must be specific to what you want to achieve, a goal such as to ‘get fitter’ is too vague to be used motivationally. A specific goal needs to be along the lines of ‘to improve my fitness levels to a point where I can run a 10K’.

Measurable – All goals must have some form or measurable element such as a time, a weight or the completion of an event, so you clearly know when you have achieved your goal. A goal such as ‘to lose weight’ is useless as it has no clear end point.

Agreed – If you do not feel that you can achieve a goal, then you will have no ownership of it and therefore it loses it’s motivating power. Goals must therefore be considered achievable and agreed to by all parties involved.

Realistic – A goal must be challenging but achievable. If you feel you can’t achieve the goals that have been set by you then they will have no motivational effect.

Time Framed – If a goal is not time framed then it is easy to put it off, therefore increasing the risk for failure.

Exciting – Goals must excite you, if you are excited about it you are much more likely to get up and work towards achieving it.

Recorded – Writing down your goal allows you to fix and focus on what you are looking to achieve.

If I take a common example of a guy who comes to a personal trainer and would like to loose 2 stone. The goal outline might look like the following:-

‘To loose 2 stone, over the next year, so I weigh 12 stone on the 31st December 2009’.

This goal meets all the criteria of the SMARTER principle, it is specific in that he wants to loose 2 stone, it is measurable as a specific time has been set. It has been agreed between the two parties who both think it is challenging but realistic. And a specific date it is set by which he would like to achieve the weight loss, so it is time framed.

Once you have set yourself a goal it is then time to work on your strategy that will help you achieve it. This is done by initially setting a number of sub-goals with motivating rewards. These should also follow the SMARTER principle!

So for our guy he might se similar goals at 3 months, 6 months and 9 month. These would take the format of ‘I would like to loose 8lb by 1st April, making my weight 13st6lb’. He may also set goals that might add to his main goals such as ‘ take a course of Personal Training in my first 3 months of training’ or ‘use a nutritionist to help me formulate a diet plan, during my first 3 months of training’.

Once this goal outline is completed it should not be put away in a drawer to gather dust, read over it regularly place it somewhere prominent where you will see it daily. By doing this you are focusing your mind on the goal that you have set yourself and you are preventing deviation from it.

Although goal setting like this may seem like a lengthy process compared to the relative ease of just saying in your head ‘I am going to lose 2 stone’, once you get into the habit of doing it you will soon start to see the motivational rewards of having a clearly defined goal and achievement.

I hope that by this time next year you will be looking back seeing a year of achievement, whatever your goals may be.



Happy New Year!

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Hi All,

I hope that you all had a great New Year and that you are motivated to ACIHVE your goals this year.  It is vital that you have clearly defined goals, and a rout plan to achieving them, doing these two things will greatly increase your potential for getting RESULTS!

To help you with this I will re-post my article on goal setting later today, if you have any questions about goal setting and how you can use it effectively in every part of your life please do get in contact.

I hope that this year brings you all you wish and that it is a step on the road to a happier, healthier and longer life.

Tom and the Foresight Personal Training Team