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I’ll keep this short and sweet. After making the conscious decision to lose some weight for the sake of my sanity, I called Foresight Personal Training after a simple search on the internet. With a totally defeatist attitude, I knew I needed a personal trainer, as I really could not find the self motivation to do it alone. Tom was my trainer, and what trainer he was. He made the sessions fun, especially with the incorporation of boxing (perfect for all those angry souls out there!) yet serious enough for me to see results with an almost immediate effect.

A year down the line, having a session from one to two times a week, I was a toned dresses sizes smaller, and reaping the benefits.

Having moved away, I miss my training sessions greatly, but since having Tom I now have found the self motivation to join a gym here, and I exercise two to three times a week, something I never EVER thought I would do.

I owe a lot of my current happiness to Tom at Foresight, as what was once a fed up lipo suction craving girl, is now a happier, more energetic, slimmer woman.

Beth Kelly


After many years of going to a gym the boredom set in, my gains declined,  so I decided to use a personal trainer.  I wish I had done it years ago.  Tom Godwin is a fantastic trainer, he has a high degree of knowledge, is a great motivator and is a really easy person to get on with too.  I have been amazed at my results so if you want results then go see Tom or one of his team!

Paul Davies


Fantastic!!! He really puts me through my paces but the results are great. Got a waist back and lost one stone in weight.

Worth every penny!!!! Thanks Tom

Jill Kelly


Training with Tom has been a truly life-changing experience. As well as helping me to lose weight and tone up in no time at all, he has helped me grow in confidence and make regular exercise part of my daily routine. The Foresight team are a truly exceptional team of personal trainers.

Sam Moore


You don’t know how far you’ve gone until you try and get it back. Tom has basically saved my life. Approaching 40, I was the classic case of a widening man running out of breath on the stairs. Three months in and I have found my mojo again. My body is loving the fact that I can now move again, my blood pressure is down, my BMI is down and all my trousers are baggy. I even wear tight T-shirts again! Thanks Tom.

Mark Attwood


I trained with Tom 3 times a week for 12 weeks and the final results exceeded my expectations and more. Each  session was exciting as no 2 sessions were the same and I never knew what was in store which kept me and my muscles guessing!  For me Tom has really nailed it in terms of her instruction and enthusiasm. She is tough but encouraging which is what you need in a personal trainer.

But be aware that you have to put the work in and be 100% focussed but the rewards are amazing. What I really love about him is that it is not just about exercising – he has also placed great emphasis on diet and lifestyle.  I whole heartedly recommend the Foresight Team!

Mark Clegg


I started personal training with Tom when I had just had my first baby. The assessment of posture, body fat, resting heart beat and nutrition was thorough and so the programme always feels very tailored to my needs. His knowledge of how to work with post natal clients was amazing – I always left my personal training sessions feeling full of energy and I enjoyed seeing my body change.

Claire Denton


Earlier this year, I was seriously considering liposuction for my stubbornly flabby waistline … then I saw sense and decided to contact a personal trainer, a friend had use Foresight so I decided to give them a go. Since then I’ve achieved the same results for less money and no pain! I would even go so far as to say I’ve actually enjoyed the process. I’ve found it really helpful to have the discipline and structure of a personal trainer to create a programme for me in my own home.

Tom coming once or twice a week means I definitely DO the workout, rather than putting it off which I always used to do. The programme has developed and evolved over the time we have been training together.  It is always just the right balance between being challenging and achievable. The results have been amazing. Without much change to my diet, I’ve achieved my goal of reducing my body fat by around 15% and most importantly, toned and trimmed the flab so I was really comfortable to wear a bikini on the beach in Spain this summer.

Sam Kempton


After a very detailed initial consultation, Rob set realistic, attainable goals that were constantly updated to fit in with my fast changing ability levels. Over the course of six months Rob visited me twice a week at home, and giving me a simple program that could done between sessions without the use of complicated and expensive gym equipment. His warm and friendly nature was a great encouragement to me, and the sound nutritional advice that was given, was a big change  from trendy ‘fad’ diets I had tried before. The results have far surpassed my expectations:. Friends and family have been impressed with the changes in me and most importantly I feel better in myself.

Shelly Woods


I have worked with Tom for about 1.5 years now following an accident and he really takes time to build the training around my needs on the day. It took a long time to get my core stability back and the work Tom has done to stretch and mobilise my feet again has been tremendous as my confidence was shattered when my mobility was threatened.

Tom is always cheerful, works hard and gets me to do the work without being a sergeant major! I would certainly recommend his services as he is dedicated to getting people fitter.

Carey Stephens


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