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Our Personal Training System

Foresight Personal Training follow a tried and tested system that has been developed over the past ten plus years.  This system allows us to help you to achieve your personal wellbeing goals by using an in depth analysis and programming system covering the four main areas of wellbeing.

The four areas of wellbeing we focus on are Physical Activity, Nutrition, Lifestyle Factors (including Stress) and Sleep, when we combine these areas together we get a powerful mix that leads to results.

The Foresight Personal Training system is strongly based on giving each client the skills and motivation they need to achieve their goals by helping them make behaviour changes across these four areas.  Foresight have a wide range of experience using this method to help people achieve many different goals.  Foresight Personal Training have also developed an in depth level of resources to help coach their client to optimal health.

The system relies on constant support for our clients, with you regularly receiving useful information and tips via our blog, the resource section of our website, and regular newsletters.

The system is as follows:-

You will initially meet with your personal trainer for an assessment where your trainer will use various tests and questionnaires to establish your current state of fitness and wellbeing.  This will then be used to compare future improvements to, without knowing where we have come from how will you be able to judge how far along your journy you have come.  This includes blood pressure, cholesterol, body composition (body fat, water %, basal metabolic rate, etc…), postural analysis, lung function, resting heart rate, muscle function, cardiovascular function, and much more.  All tests are optional and are fully explained before being administered.

Goal Setting
Your personal trainer will then use the results of this assessment to help you define your own wellbeing goals.  These goals will allow your trainer to fully understand what you are looking for, allowing them to create the perfect training program for you, that will get you the results you want.

All clients will then have an individual plan developed for them by their personal trainer, this includes progressions covering the various areas of health, fitness and nutrition.  Each session will then be individually planned and your trainer will have set session goals for you to achieve.  At the end of every session client feedback is invited, so appropriate modifications for the next session can be made where necessary.  Clients may be given programs to work on between their personal training sessions if necessary.

All training sessions are conducted in a positive and constructive manner, always aimed at taking you a step closer towards achieving your goals.  The session plan allows your personal trainer to make the very most of your time together.

At regular intervals your training program will be reviewed to ensure that you are still getting the very most form your time.  Also as you grow in confidence, fitness, and health your goals may change which may have an impact on your training program.

Also at regular intervals we carry out re-assessments so you can see just how far you have come.  This can give you a great motivational boost and allow you to realise the improvements you have made.

For more information on how we operate see our articles and downloads section.

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