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Our Personal Training Specialists

All our personal trainers hold advanced qualifications in the fields of health, fitness and wellbeing.  However some of the Foresight Personal Training Team have chosen to specialise in certain areas.  Our current specialists are listed below with descriptions and qualification criteria.

Combat Personal Training  Specialist
These are a special breed of personal trainer who can help you work towards your personal fitness goals, using the various exercise, drills and techniques of various martial arts/combat systems.  All Combat Specialists are fully trained in the martial art they teach (holding a teaching grade), meaning that you can actually follow a grading syllabus if you wish.  Having combat orientated training sessions can add a great deal of variety to your training, is fun and also helps you learn a new skill.

Corporate Wellbeing Specialist
Foresight have a team of personal trainers, therapists, etc… who have been specifically trained to work within the workplace.  These trainers provide a wide range of on-site wellbeing services for your business and also can act in a consultative manner for issues such as the development of  wellbeing policies, stress management and wellbeing service provision.

Golf Personal Training Specialist
Our golf specialist personal trainers are by no means pro golfers, but they can help you work on your bio-mechanics and wellbeing with the view to helping you to reduce your handicap and improve your game.  Our golf specialists work with/out of a number of clubs across the North West, or can meet you at yours.  All trainers have received specialist training in the bio-mechanics of golf, and are certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches.

GP Referral Specialist
These advanced personal trainers work closely with individuals who have specific medical conditions, in order to use exercise to help them to improve thier quality of life.  They help them to experience some of the many benefits a controlled exercise program can have, in terms of reduction of risk.  They also work closely with GP’s and medical practices to provide the very highest levels of safety and service to all clients.  All these specialists hold a recognised GP referral qualification form YMCA or The Wright Foundation and are part of our specialist exercise referral team.

Older Adult Personal Training Specialist
The older adult has a very specific set of needs.  Specialist personal trainers have received advanced training to work with the older population (50+).  These trainers have also received training in working with the elderly (75+), providing chair based physical activity and fall prevention training.  All trainers will have studied the NASM or YMCA Older Adult syllabus, and are part of our specialist exercise referral team.

Pre/Post – Natal Personal Training  Specialist
Are you pregnant or have you just had a baby?  Some of our personal training team have specialised in this very important area.  They are able to prescribe an exercise program that takes into account the specific needs of a pregnant client, and can be done throughout a clients pregnancy.  They are also experienced in exercise programs that will help you to recover post pregnancy.  All specialists have completed a NASM or YMCA Pre/Post Natal Trainers course, and are part of our specialist exercise referral team.

Postural/Corrective Exercise Specialist
Do you have low back pain?  Do you have shoulder pain? Is your posture a problem?  Our postural specialists are personal trainers who have studied how to accurately assess and correct poor posture and relieve pain.  These personal trainers are also highly skilled in the area of corrective exercise.  Postural/Corrective specialists have undergone advanced training from NASM (CES) or Premier Training (Masters Diploma), giving them the advanced skills they need.

Performance Specialist
Are you a competing sports person or are you part of a sporting team?  Would you like help in improving you performance via the use of fitness programming and nutrition? These advanced personal trainers have the skills and experience in a wide range of sports to work on your fitness levels and bio-mechanics to help you achieve more within your sport.  All these trainers hold a Premier Masters Diploma and/or a NASM PES, and are part of our specialist strength and conditioning team.

Weight Management Personal Training Specialist
If you are looking to lose weight then our weight management specialist personal trainers are the people to see.  They keep up to date on all the latest nutritional, exercise and lifestyle related research to help you to start to control your weight.  These trainers have specialist dietary, motivational tools and exercise programs at their disposal that have been tried and tested in the war against fat.

Rehabilative Personal Training Specialist
If you have experienced an injury and need a little help to get back to full working order, we can help.  These personal trainers have cross trained in physiotherapy or sports therapy to enable them to work to a treatment plan using a range of massage, corrective exercise and flexibility training to help you get back to your old self.

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